It was the first idea I had about a mobile app. Most of my previous ideas were about websites, or physical businesses. But this one was new.

I didn’t know where to start. The only thing I knew is that I had to write down my idea. Since it was a mobile app, I told myself that I needed a mockup, to draw the big lines of the app.

I could do it on paper, on image editing software,or by using a SaaS solution. Since I’m not a good drawer, I needed something easy to use. I searched online. I found an SaaS solution called FluidUI (

FluidUI helps to create simple designs, or mockups, for people who have a mobile app idea. It cost me $17 per month. I only paid one month, exported the whole design, and canceled my subscription.

I thought that at this stage I had enough to contact a developer and launch the development of the app. So I contacted freelancers on Hopwork (, a French platform to recruit freelancers. I got a lot of replies, some of them already gave me a quotation, others told me that I needed more.

And lucky enough some of them told me I needed more. Because to create a successful app, you need a damn good design and user experience. There are so many apps on the market, that you need more than an app of good quality, you need an app of incredible quality.

So I realized I was about to skip a step, the development of the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). In the meantime I contacted freelance designers on Hopwork. I got a couple of replies, and found Fabrice.

Fabrice is a freelance designer, but also an entrepreneur. Before talking about anything concrete, he offered me to skype. The point was to get to know each other better to see if we could work together.

I loved his approach, and chose him for the design UI and UX. This was my first big investment. I had to pay him 2000€. To finance this, I had another company aside, Cloud Enterprise.

Cloud Enterprise was my “quick money” business. I was creating websites for companies, as well as installing web apps to improve online collaboration and efficiency within small and medium enterprises (Sharing files systems, online planning, CRM, ERP etc.).

Though I had not signed any client yet. Thus I had to ask someone to lend me the 2000€. I asked my father, and he warned me about the risks. I was facing a difficult decision. I didn’t have the money yet. I was betting on how well I would do with Cloud Enterprise.

I felt like on top of a big mountain. I was climbing it when I started my project. Now I could either go down using the same path I used to get up or jump. And trust me, when I decided to borrow those 2000€, I really felt like I was jumping, my heart was beating, I was waking up at night, thought about the project 200% of the time.

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