Ready, Sweat, Go: Rounders

I know what you’re thinking: “Sian, are you back at school again? Rounders? Really?”

Yes, unbeknownst to me, rounders is actually a thing that adults also do for fun and is not just confined to high school P.E. lessons.

Before I get too ahead of myself here, I did participate in a social league, I did not join the big time. My ability at rounders at school left a lot to be desired and I didn’t think that I would somehow be any better as an adult, so I didn’t tag along and join a premier league rounders team (if such a thing exists). I have had an issue with hubris a couple of times during this fitness series and, I am happy to say, that I have finally learnt my lesson.

Knowing that everyone in this social league would not be taking the game incredibly seriously — of course, there was a slight competitive element, because who doesn’t like to win? — was a huge relief. I had not played rounders since 2010 prior to this game so I was a little unsure about how it would go. Plus, I kept having flashbacks to one rounders game at school where the backstop hit me on the back of the head with the ball as I was running to first post.

With that repressed memory resurfacing, and finally deciding to live life on the edge and not wear a helmet “just in case”, I was ready to play rounders.

First up was fielding. This was never really my strong suit back in the day and I was always told to hover just behind fourth post nearest the line of batters (people rarely hit the ball in that direction as it’s quite an awkward angle relative to the batter #roundershack) or stand on third as it wasn’t as important a post as 1st, 2nd or 4th. This time, I was in the firing line: I was just between 1st and 2nd post and had never had this much responsibility before.

Nobody puts Sian in a corner.

Although, sometimes they do, just so they can stop her quoting films that are 30 years old.

I had a couple of balls come my way during this experience — I mean, there is no other way to say it, okay? — but it was nothing I couldn’t handle. Thankfully, I was not in a position at any point where I could have easily caught the ball and got someone out (as we have already established, I have zero coordination), I mainly just had to chase after it and then throw it to someone more important.

The time came to bat. I was looking forward to this. Not because I’m a particularly great batter, but because I’m an okay runner and tend to rely on that when I have nothing else.

In the first round of batting, I didn’t get to showcase the one skill I had that would be relevant in rounders as I missed the ball on my first attempt and got out just as I was getting to first post. I was not disheartened: my time would come in the second round of batting.

Fortunately, the rest of my team (I say “my” team when I should really say “the team that I was allowed to be a part of”) played really well for the rest of the game and I think we went into the second game with the most rounders.

The second go at fielding seemed a little less eventful. I’m not sure whether this was just because I had relaxed a bit more by this point — I had messed up a couple of times now and no one laughed or said anything so maybe it was all going to be okay!

The time came to bat again. It was time to cast aside the failure that was the first game.

I missed the ball again. However, through some miracle, I managed to play some ball drops (what else can I call them?!) from the other team to my advantage here and somehow managed to make it all the way around and score a rounder.

The same sort of thing happened each time I went to bat and I somehow stayed in until the end of the game!

Well done, legs, you didn’t fail me.

Of course, with this being a social league, the atmosphere was a lot more relaxed. It was a good opportunity to talk to people, have a laugh with people, and support the people on both your own team and the opposing team. The nicest thing I found about the whole match was that each team would compliment the other team’s fielding when they were batting and vice versa. Having that additional support from the other team was lovely — and I’m not just sucking up to them because they made me player of the match for the team that I was allowed to be a part of. I’m fairly certain it was a pity award, but I’ll take it!

I would definitely do rounders again: this experience certainly removed some of the bitterness I had towards the game after playing it at school.

Would you give rounders another go? Or are there any other things you played at school that you would be tempted to try again? Let us know in the comments below!

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