Stop Over-Complicating Things!

The internet can literally be a blessing and a curse at the same time. The sheer amount of information out there in regards to training can not only guide you, but can also confuse the hell out of you. The problem is that for every argument there’s a counter one. You just want to know what to do, how to go about it but you’re so damn confused by everything and no further forward!

Here’s some simple advice from us to remove your doubt and put yourself on the right track to getting results quicker.

  • There is no ‘one size fits all’.
    What works for others doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you too. Everyone is genetically made up differently and varying body types, along with age, experience and nutritional habits…all determine what would work better for you and your body.
  • Training and Nutrition are trial and error.
    Treat your whole training and approach to nutrition as experimental. You won’t know what works best for YOU until you try a few different things. Put the work in regardless and give your body time to adapt to new things, don’t just jump around from plan to plan…it takes time to see serious results.
  • More isn’t always better.
    You can do every exercise under the sun and train for 2–3 hours at a time, but unless you’re performing things correctly, you’re simply just throwing weight around and wasting sessions. It’s better to do 2 really well executed exercises than 6 half-assed. Lower the weight, start with just a couple exercises for a muscle group and aim to master them lifts as best you can before adding more. Don’t forget, when you’re doing the exercise, CAN YOU FEEL IT IN THE MUSCLE YOU’RE TRYING TO HIT?
  • Stop focusing on what others are doing.
    Start focusing on YOU, not them. All those fancy exercises you see on Instagram for example, they’re often for show or likes. There are much simpler ways of going about things, so get your basics down first, do exercises that work well for YOU and build the best body that you can.
  • KIS.
    Keep it simple! Start with basics and progress slowly towards more advanced styles of training. Treat workouts with quality over quantity and don’t be discouraged when you may not see results at the end of week 1. Be consistent, have your goal in sight and work towards it. Following a set plan will help to organise everything better for you than turning up and doing ‘whatever’.

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