Introducing CHIN UP!

Introducing CHIN UP!

We know that getting yourself to the gym can be a struggle…every squat, every pull-up, and every minute on that treadmill can feel like an eternity. We know — we’ve all been there! So, we’re here to remind you that every step is a victory and it’s time to add a little fun, a little sass, and a lot of inspiration back into your workout routine. CHIN UP is about feeling confident and being the best version of you, both inside and outside of the gym. Keep laughing, keep running, and keep your chin up!

Created in 2013 by Fifth Sun, a leading U.S. manufacturer of graphic apparel, Chin Up is a fitness clothing brand that both inspires and energizes; Chin Up is an active wear brand that prides itself on providing “fitspirational” and positive fitness apparel for gym lovers everywhere! We are passionate about creating vibrant and imaginative designs and we hope to inspire a healthy balance of work, family, and fitness — with a little fun, a little dessert, and a lot of wine thrown in for good measure.

Indulge with a funny snack food tank top or maybe just that perfect tee to remind you that you’re unstoppable! Don’t worry, ladies, the next time you head to the gym, we’ve got your back. You’ll love sporting these fun trendy fashions that inspire, motivate, and keep you laughing for your entire workout! Get ready to find the most comfortable styles for your next yoga class, morning jog, or training session and keep smiling through even the most grueling workout.

No one says that workout apparel has to be boring; You’re not boring, so your workout style shouldn’t be either! Keep yourself laughing with these upbeat workout tank tops, tees, sweatshirts, and more.

Share photos of you in your Chin Up shirt mid-rep on our Facebook, Instagram or tweet us @ChinUpOffical. We’re your biggest fans and would love to see you in action!

Live, Love, Lift,

Chin Up Apparel Team

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