6 pros and cons to getting used to Varicose veins.

6 pros and cons to getting used to Varicose veins.

Varicose Veins

I was unfortunate to have varicose veins at a young age (24, to be exact). When nurses asked me my age, they were shocked and most of them said, “wow, you’re young to be having this procedure done..” Yes, yes I am.

I don’t know how I got it, some say its to with hereditary and some blame it on my job, being on my legs all day. What was a pain, was having a pained leg in the middle of the day. Sometimes going from one extremity to another; sore in the cold to sore in the heat, it was certainly a wake-up call to go see the docs.

The docs were adamant that feeding the veins was the ulcer just above my ankle. I was already grossed out.

Eventually, they said I needed to get my leg stripped and almost instantly I thought the worse. Who wouldn’t? Some of my older friends were telling me of old procedures like tipping hot water into my leg and slipping the vein out that way. I felt faint just thinking about it.

Once the veins were out, my leg had improved. There was a warning that one day, later on, they could return. One day.

So what are the pros about being affected by these?

  1. Having an excuse to use the esculator/elevator

Some people feel a bit guilty when they just can’t be fluffed walking up stairs or exercising. Having an excuse to just being lazy every once in awhile is a pro and even if you get that look or your conscious starts telling you to use the stairs, throw the “I have a sore leg” look. It works everytime.

2. Quick breaks

Sometimes, we like to push ourselves until we can’t stand anymore. I know that I work a lot, stand a lot and push myself to extremes. Lately, been trying to tell myself to slow it down but do I listen? Not really. If this sounds like you, grant yourself a quick break.

3. Elevation

Whether you’re travelling on public transport or dining out, it is ideal if you elevate your leg. The doctor told me to elevate my leg when my leg gets irritated. The doctor said if you elevate your leg, you’re allowing the blood to flow freely round your leg and having blood flowing freely is better than a congested leg. So take that opportunity to elevate your leg!

And the bad news, the cons for having such a thing!

  1. Prioritise time.

We don’t always necessarily have time to pull out of our rear-ends, especially in our busy lives we have accustomed. But if you think you’re going to be late to your destination, allow yourself some extra time. Just last week, I was heading to work and I was going to be late so what did brain box do? He rushed. I had just made it on the escalator and whaddaya know? My leg gave out briefly. Not ideal.

2. Keeping that leg in shape.

Some of us are gym junkies and some of us couldn’t care-less about staying in shape. But with a bit of exercise, keeping your leg in shape and strengthening it, could just do you some justice! But who has the time today to do exercise? Just walking to the letter-box and back again, could be enough to keep that blood flowing.

3. Stockings.

When it comes to having varicose veins, the doctor may just let you know that you’ll have to wear a skin-coloured compressed stocking. At first, you’re like “I don’t want to wear such a thing.” I was like that. Until I started seeing other people out and about wearing the same thing as me. It helps to wear a compressed stocking. It keeps everything in tack. Ideal in winter as it acts as an extra layer to keeping snug but for us summer enthusiasts, it’s a pain. That unbearable heat.

Whether you have varicose veins or about to get them stripped, it isn’t completely the end of the world. These are just some of the things that have helped me get through the whole ordeal. You’ll eventually find your own remedies that gets you through it, too.

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