Today I Love Good News

dull tuesday sky

Grey day, great potential

Today I love good news and while they say “No news is good news,” the truth is that good news is better than no news so I guess good news is best. I love that we are still looking forward to an adventure. I love determination, and no matter what happens, I intend to live my life constantly looking forward to adventures. I love that as long as I view every “next step” in my life as an adventure, big or small, I’ll never be disappointed in what happens. I may choose prunes for mixing in with the oatmeal or I may decide to plan a trip to Spain, and I will consider both those decisions to be adventures in their own right. I love that I may still decline to do something, but what follows that decision, what occupies my time then will be the next adventure. I love that this all came from a decision to live my life joyously and I have my family doctor to thank for that. I love that as a result of her recommendation I have redirected my plans to be a little more risky but still in line with the things I wanted to do, though I freely admit that I am now as far from sitting back and letting my life just unwind as I could imagine being … and I love that.

Today I love that I did not get any new socks yesterday so now I get to shuffle around in these old ones a while longer and take my time in finding new ones. I love that I suddenly realized over the weekend that Christmas is coming and, unlike last year, I will not be busy trying to move my entire life from one place to another. I love that the first thing that crossed my mind was how thankful I am to those who helped with that.

Today I love that last night we stopped at that restaurant I’ve been hoping to try out and it was pretty good. I love how great the weekend we just had was, even though there was snow and a chilly afternoon at the cottage and we spent some time being rather cold. I love that there are groceries to be gotten today because there are plans for meals and I love to eat, it could be said that it is what I live for. ?

Today I love drinking coffee in the quiet morning of an average Tuesday that, like any other day, has the potential to be a great adventure.
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