I’m two months into my new job and it feels incredible. Since I’ve started my professional career as a Product Designer, a little over 3 years ago, I’ve always worked at agencies. Let me start at the beginning of this journey.

I went to college in Upstate New York and had my mind set on getting a degree in Fine Arts to become a college professor. I had taken every studio class available which included drawing, painting, etching, sculpture, screen printing and photography. I liked all of these mediums and I enjoyed creating, but I never felt passionate about any of them. I was on track to graduate half a year early when I decided I would change majors to Graphic Design. To give you some context, I didn’t even own my own computer let alone know ANYTHING about graphic design. I ended up graduating college a year late because of the switch but I had finally found my passion.

When I was moving to New York and looking for jobs I knew two things, that I needed to work in the digital space and I needed to work at an agency. Actually, I didn’t even realize there was any place for a designer aside from agencies because in college, all we talked and learned about were design agencies and studios. I’ve worked at 3 different agencies which each came with their pros and cons. I’ve worked with a number of different clients which was great because I was able to work on a variety of different things. But again, I was missing this sense of passion. From my own experience I find it hard to become passionate about something (a client) if you don’t have the ability to choose the work (the project).

Fast forward to now where I’m leading the Digital Product design efforts at Flywheel Sports. It’s incredible to be a part of a team that shares one common goal. I’m able to work with people who come up with ideas and are able to execute them. Most of our ideas come from experiencing our classes IRL, listening to what customers are saying, and the urge to be innovative. My team is super passionate about giving our customers the greatest experience they can and propelling Flywheel into the future. I can finally say that I’m passionate about something I’m working on because in a way, a piece of it is mine. Also, by taking this job I was able to marry my fitness obsession with my full-time job.

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