BCAA Supplement: Five Reasons Your Body Needs Them

Ever since the body shredding, catabolic effects of dieting began to come to light, the importance of BCAA supplements has taken a whole new meaning. Many researches now support BCAA supplements more than any other health consumable available in the market, and rightly so! For people who are on a calorie deficit diet, BCAA supplements allow for the maintenance of a healthy muscle mass and improving strength, even when the body isn’t getting the kind of energy it needs for such heavy duty training. Let’s explore these facts further and understand the five reasons why you might be in dire need of BCAA supplements to support your body building goals:

BCAA supplements help increase rate of protein synthesis

BCAAs are more effective in supporting protein synthesis because they have already been broken down into necessary amino acids that your body needs. This is one of the major reasons why these supplements tend to be far more active in achieving protein synthesis and muscle growth than regular dietary protein. The equation is quite simple here: High protein synthesis = better muscle recovery = more muscle growth!

BCAA supplements help reduce protein breakdown

These supplements have been proven to inhibit the breakdown of muscle cells. Their chemistry works in a very specific way so that the bases that are released to signal your body machinery to break down muscle cells are reduced. Combine this effect of BCAA supplements with the one mentioned in the point above and you get muscle building results that are achieved way faster than any other format of body building.

BCAA supplements help reduce tiredness

It is highly recommended that trainers and body builders take BCAA supplements before they begin their workout, simply because they can help reduce the amount of exhaustion and tiredness that one would feel post a heavy duty activity session. The supplements act by reducing the amount of serotonin (which helps in the perception of fatigue) that is released in the body as a result of a workout. This means you will feel more energetic and ready to train for longer and will feel less tired at the end of your workout session.

BCAA supplements help provide training motivation

By providing you with the benefits of faster results and less fatigue, BCAA supplements help keep you motivated towards achieving your training goals. All your efforts into building your body will start to show results sooner. Your body’s exhaustion levels will remain under control, meaning that you will be able to train harder and for longer. And the end result? The leaner, fitter body and well-formed muscles that you always wanted! This is what makes BCAA supplements such an important part of a body building training regime.

BCAA supplements even support fat burning

Many researches have concluded that BCAA supplements also help in reducing the amount fat in one’s body. The direct result of these supplements is more muscle and less fat, thereby creating a better body composition. Leucine, one of the most important ingredients in BCAA supplements, has been widely hailed as the magic bullet for leanness. You can therefore, sculpt your body into its most fit and beautiful form with the help of these supplements.

Need more reasons to trust BCAA supplements to support your body building regime?

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