How to be your best self in 2018

It’s almost new years day at the moment and I started making a list of all the new year’s resolutions I want to achieve. But then I thought to myself, you don’t have to be exceeding at these certain things to get a feeling of accomplishment, you should be excelling at everything in your daily life.So this is how to be your best self in 2018…


Staying Healthy

I know the feeling when you say to yourself “after I finish this episode on netflix I’ll go to the gym and workout” or “I’ll go for a run and make use of this sunny day”. Then when you end up finishing five more episodes and you finally decide to stop lazing around, you look outside and see it raining and you think to yourself “I’ll go tomorrow” and this repeats daily.Yep, that happens to me daily as well, or you just want to get fitter in general.But there are some apps to help you out with that…

8fit~ this app provides you with workouts you can do at home with minimum equipment and still give you the best version of you.

8fit Workouts and meal planner

Run keeper~ this app sends you reminders (controlled from the app settings) to get up and run.Whether you’re working your way up to a marathon or just want to get fitter this app is for you.It’s feautures nclude a track excersise,progress tracking,sweat option,tracking your runs so you know where youve been and setting your goals.

Runkeeper-GPS running tracker

2.Drinking plenty of water

When I am dehydrated my skin can start to get really dry and I start getting really bad headaches.Then I downloaded this cute app called Plant Nanny. Plant Nanny tells you how much water you should be drinking each day. You even get to select what kind of cup you are drinking out of, with the app telling you how many ounces fit in each one. Pick the cup you are using and you are ready to go! If your cactus starts to die this is a sign that you are not drinking enough.Over time you get to see all the cute plants you have named, planted and grown (and even learn a few facts about them on the way)

plant nanny


3.Being organised in general

This year I decided I was going to be organised so these are a few things I have purchased to help me.

A calendar

daily journal

storage boxes to sort my room out

Mini whiteboard for to do lists

4.Take a break

Social media and phones are apart of our daily life and we have a high dependence on them.Take a break for at least 30 minutes a day and do something else.But don’t use this as an excuse to not text someone back if you are talking about something important.There are many apps you can use to help cut down on phone use. I have yet to use one so I will update you once I have found an app I like.


5.Take a moment to think

I think we can all admit we have talked behind someones back or told someone something you said you wouldn’t tell.Well if you ever get the feeling of regret of telling someone something, take a moment to think. If you go on still and say it,then you might have to deal with the consequences.This year I’m going to try and take a moment as well.

I hope these things have helped you out and I hope you enjoy your 2018. Happy New year xxx

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