“Redefining the Journey”

“Redefining the Journey”

Journey to 100!

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Now that the year has come to an end and I’ve been able to reflect more on this fitness journey, I want to share some of the things that kept me going and redefine “The Journey to 100” that I am continuing in 2018. At first, it was just a challenge, something to set my sights on and impact my life in a positive way. But now that I have reached and surpassed the original goal, I realize that my Journey to 100 is about much more than weight loss. Its about the process in finding results…. Results that add value to my life and those around me, and most importantly, results that keep things moving forward towards my dreams, goals and aspirations.

It has been 10 months since since starting this journey and I am proud to say that I am currently down 115lbs! So in the spirit of celebrating those results, I would like to thank and share some of my personal inspirations that kept me going throughout this year!

My mother, Angela Bailey: Fighting to overcome diabetes

Left- July 2017, Middle- May 2016, Right- Christmas 2017

Lost 30+ pounds at 62 yrs old…. I mean, 25 haha

This year, we have been eating the same groceries and she has now completely cut out meat and diary from her diet, commiting to being a vegan since October. The results have been AMAZING to see, as her diabetes, high blood pressure and overall health have been improving tremendously!

In October, 3 weeks after cutting meat and diary, we added “Common Sense” products into her daily regimen, which are naturally pressed herbal suppliments . In only 6 weeks of changes, she was forced to stop taking Insulin completely because it started having counter affects towards her body. By week 10, the doctors ordered her to stop taking her 2nd of 3 diabetic medications, and she is now off of her Glipizide completely! Now on week 14, she recently visited her eye doctor for a check up and her vision is actually getting better! She has had diabetes for over 12 years, and followed strict diets, prescribed to her by professional nutritionists and doctors… This progress came from her attention to results, and discipline to keep doing what made her feel better instead of what doctors told her is supposed to work. Next step is to get off her last diabetic medication and start cutting her other prescriptions.

Justin Williams:

Before and After photos @lord_juice

Lost 100 lbs in 11 months inspired by the Keto Diet and Basketball, he added years to his life and currently at his lowest weight in over 10 years! Also inspiring his girlfriend Meaghan to lose 50 lbs this year too.

Willis Lusk aka Willis Writer:

Currently around 205lbs
Started at 297lbs

Lost over 90+ lbs using inspiration from Dr. Sebi, switching to a vegetarian diet, regular exercise and health education to stay away from toxic foods, finding a way to ACTIVATE HIS LEGEND! Follow his journey, poetry and music @williswriter


Lost 130+ lbs using the Yoli Diet throughout the year! Find out more about the diet regimen at

As you could see, each person did it a different way finding the process that brought them their best results. So as we all continue on this journey together, I feel like a lot of things come down to our individual motivation and why we want to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves. For those of you starting tomorrow with the “New Year, New Me” mentality, realize that its only new because you made the decision to change something at the time. We should realize that time is a man made construct that helps us organize, but its never too late or too early to start making the changes you need to create a better life for yourself right now.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the special people who have contributed to this whole journey. Huge S/O to Jabari McDavid, Philip Lawrence who originally challenged me to set this long term goal. Jonelle Layfield who gave me huge insights on nutrition, fitness and healthy habits to adopt in my everyday life. Daniel Amiri who challenged me to difficult hikes and rolled with me through the ups and downs of this year. Plus all the amazing friends, family and acquaintances that hit up the various hikes on the weekends every Saturday morning for the past few months. Theres too many to name right now, but yesterday morning was our biggest group of 11 people who hit the Culver Stairs, where we met Rodney who led us in some workouts and cardio after finishing the stairs.

I’m happy to announce that I will be continuing the #Journeyto100 and turning it into a publication, where we can share and celebrate inspirational stories and tips to keep everybody focused on their goals in fitness and health. Much more to come in 2018!

#GymJamz: Music that gets me thru

  1. Level Up- Rex Life Raj
  2. Worth My While- Bootsy Collins
  3. 5:55- Sylvan LeCue
  4. Need No Drugs- Ellzo ft. Raneraps
  5. Love is Here- Ryan Lucas ft. Clean
  6. Vogue- Full Crate ft. Trinidad James
  7. Scrolling- Dave B.
  8. Tik Talk X Arbitrary Sax- Esta ft. Masego

Before and After pictures

My heaviest @ 315lbs in Feb. 2017
Mid April @ 280lbs
Early May @ 270lbs

If there is anyone else looking to lose weight or change their diet to hit their fitness goals, I am definitely open to sharing more specific information to help out where possible. I will continue to plug some of the products and excercises that helped me out along the way, which will be on my social media @jd_bailey93 on IG.

Happy New Year!

-JD Bailey

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