What Sets You Off?

One symptom of mania can be irritability. I faced it throughout my life and even with medication to calm the storm, I find moments when I feel the irritability hit me like a lightening bolt.

When I worked at an inpatient psych ward, every morning the treatment team would meet to discuss the status of the patients and the word “agitated” would surface a lot, and would mean that the client was not stable so couldn’t be discharged.  It was such a negative buzz word that it would result in keeping someone locked up till they were “stabilized.”

Everyone experiences irritability and agitation.  Knowing I can have moments, or tendencies, to become the Incredible Hulk I do my best to catch myself when I feel irritability boiling into agitation.

Here are 10 simple signs of brewing agitation set forth through irritable circumstances:

  1. When I can’t find the clasp to put a necklace on without turing it around and facing a mirror to find it
  2. When my bra strap continues to fall off my shoulder
  3. When I place my running shoes on the floor, and somehow the right shoe falls on the left and vice versa
  4. When I can’t blindly use my key to find the ignition to start my Vespa
  5. When a store gives me cash back and the money is ripped or has tape on it
  6. When I can’t figure out how to spell a word without Google helping me
  7. When I am on hold for a long time and get disconnected
  8. When I walk down the street and try to pass people that walk arm in arm making it difficult to pass
  9. When I get a super long receipt at CVS so they can advertise their coupons
  10. When I brush my eyelash one more time with mascara and it causes it to clump

These seem silly and minor but when you suffer from irritability you have no idea how rough it can become. I am just thankful that I know that I have a pre-deposition to irritability, and am aware of it when it hits so can do my best to manage it.

Now, what sets YOU off?!


Photo by Laura Thykeson

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