Engineering Fitness & Optimising your day

Why fitness is important and my personal journey with it whilst working in the Tech world. I’ve had a very up and down relationship when it comes to fitness after i had put on 20kgs working long hours and eating poorly…i hit an all time high of 117kgs which forced me to confront the situation on why my fitness + weight was fluctuating heavily. I had a few good years where i was fit and few on the other end of the spectrum.

I’m quite passionate and love what i do as a result i sometimes get caught up in solving a problems into the night and completely push other things to the side (not sure if this is just me). As a result fitness was the first to give whilst tackling projects or interesting engineering problems. I had to restructure the way i approached my day to day life. I moved my gym to late at nights 9:30pm-10/11pm from the usual early mornings (which i skipped due to late nights working) and left work on time which gives me a few hours to work on personal things/projects at home.

Sticking to the priority of fitness i’ve now lost 13kgs even though i’ve got a bit to go, i’m feeling much better mentally and as a result working much better. I’ll post some pictures at some future post. I just wanted to highlight the importance of fitness as part of your daily routine with priority towards it. I once had a friend say ‘don’t burn out’ couldn’t agree more. Its very important to prioritise important aspects of your life equally and not move other things to lower priority.


Set goals no matter how extreme, actually more extreme the better. I set myself 2 goals before starting. I enjoy lifting weights so i want to be able to lift double my body weight in 1 year and be able to complete a half marathon in 1 year…considering i could barely run 1-2 kms. These goals have really helped me at the gym, I go in with a purpose and really push to achieve it. I’d highly recommend set goals to really push you.

Motivation & Food

One of the things i do normally to get some motivation is to watch Youtube videos from some favourite fitness you-tubers. People like Merijn, Jeff Nippard and Steve Cook provided a wealth of knowledge and motivation.

I follow the IFYM (If it fits your macros) approach to how i eat. I make standard healthy choices when eating. I.e avoid fast food, soft drinks, minimal alcohol etc. Previously i’ve stuck to strict diets Chicken, Broccoli and Brown rice style however noticed i would only maintain it for short durations before relapsing to unhealthy choices.

Where to from here?

I’m now 5months into the new approach. I’ve been able to lose weight and maintain a good balance between work, fitness and life. I’ve got about 6–8% body fat to reduce towards my goal. The takeaway i’d like to give is don’t neglect fitness it quickly gets away and its a bigger journey to “come back” than to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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