One of many important issues about body weight coaching is that it’s COMPLICATED! This can be very COMPLEX. It’s NOT like including plates to the barbell every week and upping your energy. It’s much more INTRICATE…and FAR MORE BENEFICIAL, particularly if the proper mindset is adopted. An individual can achieve immense energy, muscle mass, and a superb physique.

However, it is rather simple for individuals to coach solely the paradigms they know, turning into “specialists” in sure energy and expertise. There are the pullup guys. There are the muscle up guys. There are the 300 pushup guys. There are the planche guys. And on and on. There’s ONE key component that each one of those guys and gals are doing proper…however that they’re failing to understand in different areas: ENGAGEMENT.

The important thing component of engagement is important and I focus on it on this clip from one in every of our full class episodes. The concept is easy. Preserve time below maximal rigidity within the forefront of your thoughts. This can be very simple to “again off” whereas coaching, particularly the newbie progressions just like the bent knees on elbows planche demonstrated on this video. The concept is similar for all static holds. Even when your toes are on the bottom, maximally keep engaged. Even when your knees drop all the way in which to the ground and your toes are scraping, maximally keep engaged.

This works. It actually does. It will probably work for any static maintain, whether or not handbalancing in positions like planche or handstands, hangs like V lifts or levers, holds like flags, or compression coaching like L stand and V stand.

Let me understand how your coaching goes! For those who need assistance with progressions, go to our Digital Fitness center or subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

Sustain the nice work!
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