New Physics Research Finds The Actual “God” Particle

The seek for the “God” particle has been underway for fairly a while. Smashing particles collectively to study extra in regards to the true nature of actuality appears to be the one dialogue introduced up throughout the mainstream relating to discovering the origins of our universe or at the very least making an attempt to take action.

There’s one drawback, nevertheless, and that’s the truth that non-material forces would possibly truly govern the universe, components related to consciousness could also be a key position within the creation of matter, and that is one thing that’s been emphasised for many years by quite a few scientists who’ve acknowledged these non-material forces. If that is true, on the lookout for a “God” particle is nearly ineffective, as a result of it means that our universe has a non-material origin, so bodily matter for the solutions won’t be the very best concept, as a substitute, we have to look, look at, and proceed to check non-physical phenomena.

“The day science begins to check non-physical phenomena, it should make extra progress in a single decade that in all of the earlier centuries of its existence.” – Nikola Tesla

For years, science has assumed that vacant area is simply that, empty area, however this isn’t true, and as John Wheeler, one of many world’s pioneering quantum physicists as soon as emphasised, “No level is extra central than this, that area is just not empty, it’s the seat of essentially the most violent physics.”  Quick ahead to immediately and we now know that vitality could be extracted from this “empty” area, that we are able to faucet into this “ether” (Casimir) that’s been known as one of the crucial basic features relating to the character of actuality for 1000’s of years.

“All perceptible matter comes from a main substance, or tenuity past conception, filling all area, the akasha or luminiferous ether, which is acted upon by the life-giving Prana or inventive power, calling into existence, in endless cycles all issues and phenomena.”– Nikola Tesla, Man’s Biggest Achievement, 1907

A examine was revealed by Paramahamsa Tewari, creator, inventor, and retired Govt Director (Nuclear Initiatives) of the Nuclear Energy Company of India. He was the creator of a revolutionary concept in physics, the Area Vortex Concept (SVT), and a lot of books on the identical, that received early commendation by Nobel Laureates in physics. His concept led him to invent the Tewari Reactionless Generator (T-RLG), a high-efficiency electrical generator.

“Area is definitely not empty and it’s filled with vitality…The vitality in area is just not trivial there’s numerous it and we are able to truly calculate how a lot vitality there may be in that area and that actuality would possibly truly come out of it. Every little thing we see is definitely rising from that area.” Nasim Haramein

A prototype of the machine was examined by Kirloskar Electrical, a producer {of electrical} turbines in India. There, it exhibited 165% effectivity (over-unity), breaking our identified legal guidelines of physics. You possibly can watch a video of the machine right here and you will notice an illustration of the machine in addition to discussions towards the top of the video with the engineers at Kirloskar Electrical.

It’s also possible to see photos, and discover out extra particulars on how the machine works within the article linked under:

You’re Telling Me Know-how Like This Exists However We’re Nonetheless Utilizing Oil Fuel & Coal?

The newest examine, revealed within the extremely respected Physics Essays, makes this level clear. That matter is created from this “empty area”, from the void, from what’s generally known as the quantum vacuum, area, which Tewari theorizes, and exhibits along with his machine (which produces extra energy than what’s put into the system).

The paper is titled Structural Relation Between The Vacuum Area and The Electron. You possibly can entry the total examine right here.

It explains,

This paper presents a formulation of Absolute Rules for vacuum-space that allow revealing the method of creation of a steady electron and its identified properties of mass and cost. Elementary equestions on the electron’s cost and mass are derived from first princimples from the vacuum vortex of the electron’s construction. Additionally, technology of electrostatic, electromagnetic, and gravitational fields are proven to come up from the vacuum vorte construction of the electron. The electron and positron have been pinpointed to be the elemental particles of matter.

Tewari hypothesizes, or higher but, exhibits, that the very seat of cosmic vitality within the universe originates from these vacuums of nothingness and that this vitality is used to create all matter in our identified universe, inflicting their movement. The paper explains these motions and the influence that the ‘ether’ has on them and what occurs consequently.

The paper goes on to state,

The space-vortex construction of the electron, primarily based on the author’s works,3,four referred on this paper, supplies options to each the above issues. The excessive elasticity required for the fluid-ether is prevented by postulating it as a nonmaterial and incompressible fluid devoid of any identified property of matter, equivalent to mass, density, discreteness, viscosity, elasticity, or compressibility, and so forth. Additional, if the properties of “mass” and “cost” of an electron are to be derived from first rules, then a mass-less and charge-less fluid that, as a vortex, can kind the construction of an electron, should be postulated. The proof of this postulate—that the common substratum of area with nonmaterial properties has actual existence—is supplied by deriving the essential properties of b)“Nonmaterial” signifies a mass-less, density-less, incompressible, nonviscous and steady fluid. Physics Essays 31, 1 (2018) 109 the electron (mass, cost, gravity, and so forth.) from the vacuum spacec) vortex construction of the electron, and by explaining its conduct in bodily in addition to quantitative phrases, as experimentally noticed.

Though the paper is obscure, the essential message is that the universe, and what we all know as bodily materials matter, is just not birthed from a bodily phenomenon, however quite, a non-material phenomenon that’s undetectable in some ways. For instance, we are able to’t measure it like we do a strong bodily object that has mass, however we are able to detect it, and use it as Tewari has performed on the subject of the creation of his machine.

Non-material science appears to be ushering in a brand new scientific revolution, even greater than the one we’ve seen within the latest previous. This is the reason tons of of distinguished scientists are presently gathering each single yr to debate such issues.

You possibly can learn extra about that intimately within the article linked under:

Distinguished Scientists Collect To Emphasize, “Matter” is NOT The Solely Actuality

The Take-Away Message

The concept that our world is ruled by non-material forces has large implications. It’s like deeming telepathy to be actual, for instance. Throughout the mainstream, in lots of locations, this kind of examine continues to be thought-about pseudoscience, which is comical as a result of governments around the globe have put great assets into learning and utilizing non-physical phenomenon. Why is that this science just for the secretive black finances? Why can’t all it’s findings be revealed? It’s firmly established in scientific literature that non-material science, like distant viewing for instance, has great statistically important validity. Sure, it’s actual, and sure, it’s been used for many years, and maybe for the unsuitable causes…

The statistical outcomes of the research examined are far past what is anticipated by likelihood. Arguments that these outcomes may very well be as a consequence of methodological flaws within the experiments are soundly refuted. Results of comparable magnitude to these present in government-sponsored analysis at SRI and SAIC have been replicated at a lot of laboratories the world over. Such consistency can’t be readily defined by claims of flaws or fraud.  – American Institutes For Analysis (supply)

If we proceed to function underneath the idea that every part must have mass, or must be “measurable” by the boundaries of classical physics we’re by no means actually going to maneuver ahead, and we’re going to maintain educating false concepts that trigger some individuals to check with non materials science and the technology of units utilizing non-material science, as false.

That is just because science has change into dogma, and as a substitute of us recognizing that science and the legal guidelines of science have at all times modified, we now reject legitimate science just because it defies our personal beliefs of what’s and could be actual…

The acknowledgement of the “ether” is large, it should change the legal guidelines of physics, and create the event of applied sciences that work with nature, as a substitute of in opposition to it.

Out of The Void

Out Of The Void (AUS DEM NICHTS) is a movie that lately premiered in Austria, it’s a docudrama about Tesla’s imaginative and prescient and the work of Paramahamsa Tewari. You possibly can view footage of the machine and snippets from the movie under.

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