First Extraterrestrial Humans Expected To Be Born In 2024

We are living in truly exciting times, as our reality creeps towards a fantasy-like type of existence with the rise of new technologies like artificial intelligence. We’re also becoming aware of outside the box realities like the fact that we may have been visited by intelligent extraterrestrials, or are currently being visited by them.

We are entering a time of extremely high technological capabilities, and when I think about humanity and technology, it’s almost unfathomable to see just how far we’ve come in the past 100 years alone. Just picture the level of technology that existed in 1900, or 1800, the people alive then would not even be able to fathom what we have now. And to think, even far greater technologies exist and have existed within the black budget world that the average human is unaware of.

The list is long, from over-unity energy technology to cloning to advanced health care, there are incredible things being developed. One thing is certain, we are becoming an advanced civilization, and if we can use our technology with the intent of goodwill for all and the planet, we will be fine. But if we continue on this path of rapid technological development for greedy, selfish, capitalist and egoic purposes, we’re not going to make it.

Sustainable Life Beyond Earth

One of the latest pieces of ‘out of the box’ tech news comes from a Netherlands-based company who recently announced their intention to create space-based human reproduction within the next decade. The name of the company is SpaceLifeOrigin, and their goal is “enabling sustainable life beyond Earth.” The company plans to use its patent-pending technology to create the first generations of humans not born on this Earth. They are aiming to complete the first three parts of the mission, which is a four-stage mission, by 2024, which will create the first human baby every born in space.

If humanity wants to become a multi-planteary species, we also need to learn how to reproduce in spaceSpaceLife Origin is thrilled to announce its Missions Program to enable sustainable life beyond earth. A world’s first and truly unique critical step in the future of mankind. We believe that any space company, agency or nation with ambitions for colonization of other planets will benefit from partnering with us for the successful execution and completion of their own plans. – Kees Mulder

Mission Ark, Mission Lotus, Mission Cradle

Stage one of the process is called mission Ark. It will send 1000 radiation shielded tubes filled with male and female reproductive cells to space from across the globe.

Patent pending technology is the core of SpaceLife Origin Ark, which contains 1.000 protected tubes with human reproduction cells. The Ark provides a safe, radiation shielded environment. The cells (male, female and 2-PN) are harvested in approved and supervised IVF clinics worldwide. The cells are vitrified and stored safely in secure Earth locations and in a satellite in space. Protecting the cells for any catastrophic event on Earth for decades. The ultimate and most unique insurance for mankind. Real-time tracking and footage from cameras on board enable customers to view and show their ‘seeds-of-life’ cells in orbit.

Next is mission Lotus. It involves launching what the company refers to as a “Space-Embryo-Incubator,” into orbit. It will be loaded with male and female reproductive cells that are automatically conceived upon arrival in space. The craft will induce a zero-gravity environment in orbit, and it will be capable of creating a gravity that mimics Earth, Lunar or Martian environments. This device will then return to Earth four days later, and the actual pregnancies and births will take place on Earth.

Mission Cradle, the last stage, includes a 24-36 hour mission where a woman who is pregnant will give birth at 250 miles above the Earth with the help of a medical team.

“It’s a small step for a baby, but a giant baby-step for mankind,” said Dr. Egbert Edelbroek, SpaceLife Origins Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer.

The person selected will be from a pool of 25 participants.

You can find out more information by visiting their website, they go into greater detail.

After successful delivery of the first, healthy space-born child, the sky’s the limit as the company intends to lead the way in producing the first generations of extraterrestrial humans by 2032, “because life on Earth could become very challenging over the next century.”

The Takeaway

We are emerging as a space race in multiple ways. With our rapid technological advancement, we are approaching a world where space will be at our fingertips. There is evidence to suggest that the black budget world already has, in the form of a secret space program, many technologies that can quickly put us in space if they were disclosed and put into use. In fact, a new film called Above Majestic speaks of this secret space program in detail.

Corporations also have the ability to start the beginnings of space tourism. Prior to the Trump administration, NASA and governments were the only ones allowed in, but what we are currently witnessing is the privatization of space. Many corporations are going to try and capitalize on the space industry as it seems to be ‘the next big thing’ to emerge from humanity.

That being said, I believe our race needs to reach a certain level of emotional intelligence, consciousness and maturity before we enter into that world. As it is, and the way things are on planet Earth, if there is a ‘space-faring’ community out there, we’re probably not yet welcome. I truly believe we must learn to get along and stop warring with one another.

Is our future in the stars? I believe we decide.

Also reflect on the fact that intelligent extraterrestrial humans may have and already have been visiting us, you can find out more information about that in the disclosure section of our website.

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