How safe is your topical steroids medication for psoriasis?

While most of can sympathise for a psoriasis patient, but we can never understand the real pain they have to endure on a daily basis — itching, pain, visible scaling, and the need to cover-up all the time due to embarrassment sum it all up. Anyone who has to face such issue for a long time will do anything within his/her limit to stop it.

Coming to psoriasis treatment, the long-term effect of the condition is not only stressful but also changes the overall appearance of the patient. The doctor may prescribe you light treatment, oral, topical steroids or even a combination of all three.

The most common treatment for psoriasis is an application of topical steroids on the affected area to alleviate the symptoms. If the condition is new, then your doctor may prescribe you a mild steroid, but soon your doctor may increase the strength of the steroid based on the level of psoriasis. However, with a higher concentration of medication comes to the more significant risk of side effects as well. As a reason, most experts restrict patients for long-term use of topical steroids.

Effect of Long-term application of Topical Steroids:

The worse thing could happen as a result from prolonged use of topical steroids is thinning of the skin (skin Atrophy). Application of higher potency steroids also worsen the conditions, especially among older patient.

Now let us discuss the systemic and local side effects of topical steroids used during psoriasis treatment. While the local side effect only affects the skin, the systemic impact end-up affecting the whole person.

Local side effects faced by patients:

The use of topical steroids may lead to rosacea, which may further point to the development of pustules, papules and erythema among patients. Prolong usage of tropical steroids also leads to the development of stretch marks. In some cases, patients may found bruises, discolouration, thinning of blood vessels and striae on the skin. Thinning of skin only happens when you are on high-strength steroids, but your skin will go back to normal once you stop the treatment. Besides, you can expect stinging and burning sensation on your skin on the first application. Some patients also notice overgrowth of hair on the treatment area of the skin.

Allergy is also a culprit in worsening the inflammation. During the Psoriasis treatment, some patient may have an allergy reaction to specific content of a medication.

Systemic effects faced by patients:

Strong doses of topical steroids can penetrate inside the skin and travels to the bloodstream. Children using a topical steroid can face growth issues too. Patients using topical steroids may witness an increase in blood pressure, thinning and damage of bones, rapid weight gain, mood fluctuations, and fluid retention in legs.

Now, many researchers are more focusing on developing topical treatments to treat psoriasis without posing any adverse effects. Psoriasis treatment from JRK Research also shows promising results, which are safe and non-cytotoxic. Under a clinical trial, the herbal psoriasis treatment products like Psorolin Ointment from JRK Research shows tremendous improvement in PASI (Psoriasis Area Severity Index) score by 73.66% and PGA (Physician’s Global assessment) score by 3.21 within 12 weeks of treatment. Proven to be safe under OECD International guidelines for Toxicology, the psoriasis treatment products by JRK are reliable and beneficial in every aspect.

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