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Since launching the Georgia Pain Physicians Pain Management Fellowship, experienced integrative medicine specialist Robert Windsor M.D. has trained more than 100 doctors in interventional pain therapies. A leading educator and practitioner of pain management medicine, Robert Windsor M.D. leverages his extensive background in spinal anatomy and biomechanics to help relieve patients of chronic back pain.

Eight out of ten Americans will experience back pain in their lifetime. Improper posture and misaligned body mechanics are the main reasons for back muscle injuries. Spending prolonged periods sitting or standing in positions with rounded shoulders, a hunched back, or slouching can result in muscle pain or an imbalance in muscle development.

These consequences can be mitigated or avoided with exercises targeting the abdominal and neck muscles and stretching. Chin tucks, bringing the chin towards the chest, and shoulder squeezes, which push the shoulder blades towards each other, are two types of exercises that focus on realigning the natural lumbar and cervical curvature of the spine. Doing frequent sets of these movements will reduce the likelihood of neck and back pain.

People should also be mindful of keeping their stomach tucked in and their weight balanced over both legs while standing. Office workers, who are particularly prone to back pain associated with prolonged sitting, should also consider using ergonomic furniture such as adjustable swivel chairs.

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