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We were thrilled to have former Team Canada athlete, established chiropractor, mother of two and founder of Unstoppable You Project Dr. Michaela McClure speak at SupperWorks on December 7th. Dr. Michaela brought her expertise and experience to the table as she shared valuable insight into intuitive eating.

With her focus on wellness and whole foods, Dr. Michaela spoke of listening and trusting your body’s cues of hunger and satiety. Dr. Michaela also led the group through a very popular chocolate meditation to teach the importance of experiencing and enjoying your food.

Be sure to check out Unstoppable You Project, a membership based initiative that brings together like-minded women in Waterloo Region with the aim of facilitating self-enrichment and community care.

Read on to learn more about Dr. Michaela McClure and intuitive eating!

How do you summarize intuitive eating?

Intuitive eating is all about throwing out eating rules — there are no good and bad foods. It’s about getting back to listening to our body about what it wants to eat, when it wants to eat and how much it wants to eat. Intuitive eating centres around listening to hunger cues and satiety cues.

What are the key takeaways for those who couldn’t attend the intuitive eating event?

Your body knows what fuel it needs to function best, including when to eat and how much to eat. We just have to learn to listen to it and learn the subtle signs of hunger and satiety again. Children are typically the best intuitive eaters before society steps in with food rules about what is good and bad.

How does intuitive eating play a role in overall well-being?

Intuitive eating helps with overall well-being because it builds confidence in one’s own body. It teaches you that you can trust your body. There are always new fad diets popping up that may not be successful for every person but intuitive eating is always tailored to you. Intuitive eating takes all the guesswork out about what diet is best for you and brings us back to the idea that our body knows best as nobody knows our body better than ourselves. It’s a way of life.

What was your path to nutrition coaching?

I trained to become a nutrition coach after I saw the benefits and power that food and food choices had on my own life. As an elite athlete I saw big changes in my performance based on what I was eating. As a mother postpartum I saw my mood and energy levels drastically impacted by food choices.

Seeing the benefits and impact in my own life, I started incorporating it into my treatments with patients as a chiropractor. Food choices can make a huge impact on inflammation in the body as well as recovery time from injury. Through all of these experiences I saw the power of food and knew I was missing something if I did not include this information in my treatments and coaching.

What upcoming projects are you looking forward to in 2019?

In 2019, I am really looking forward to doing more presentations like the one I did at SupperWorks to spread important messages and teaching. I’m thrilled to be presenting Rachel Hollis: Made for More on January 28th at 7pm at Princess Cinemas.

I am also really excited to continue growing my Unstoppable You Project Tribe, encouraging more women to carve out time for themselves, be their best version and live their best life.

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