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I’m drinking enough water, right?

I mean…tea is essentially made up of water, and I drink so much tea every day.

After all, 8 eight-ounce glasses of water?

How much is that?

Why is it 8 freaking cups?

And 8 fluid ounces?

I couldn’t tell you which glass here could fit 8 ounces if my life depended on it. Credit: Linh Pham on Unsplash

Ugh, conversion sucks. How much is that in millilitres (ml)?

Wait…how much is one glass in terms of ml anyways?

How much can my coffee cups at work fill?

What about my water bottle?

This is such a waste of brain space.

The importance of visual aids.

Credit: Pinterest

Hey…my new water bottle has markings on it in ounces!

Holy shit this entire bottle is only 24 ounces?


One giant bottle like this only contains 3 glasses of water?

Are you shitting me?

Wait…I drink at least one bottle of tea a day.

I’m sure I could repurpose that into water.

After all, it seems silly not to try it for a week, now that I can see it right in front of me.

Day One

Okay, no tea today.

Just water.

Let’s do this.

Wow, I’m really thirsty without tea in the mornings.

One bottle down, and it’s only 10.30am!

This is going to be easy.

Day Two

This is actually quite fun!

I mean, it’s so much easier when I can chug it, and then see that I finished another 8 ounces.

I can’t believe my competitiveness is actually making me drink water. Who would have thought?

This whole ‘need to pee all the time’ is slightly annoying, but at least I get to stretch my legs and walk around the office!

This week is going to be a slam dunk.

Day Three

I need tea.

The lack of caffeine is fucking killing me.

I mean, water tastes bearable when it’s ice cold, but when it’s lukewarm or not it tastes like sadness and anger.

Ugh okay, time to get some tea.

I can drink the rest of this bottle later.

…Shit, after drinking the tea, I’m not thirsty enough to finish the water.

This is a conundrum I didn’t think I would have to manage.

Does this mean I can’t drink any other drinks if I want to finish 8 eight-ounces?

Day Four

Oh my god I was so busy at work today that I forgot to drink water! I didn’t even finish one bottle!


Okay, time to chug it before I sleep.

I mean, 2 bottles of water in the next 2 hours should be okay, right?

Day Five

I give up.

Saying no to drinks is killing my social and mental life.

Why would I even want a life without tea, or smoothies, or juice?

Plus, I just read that the whole 8 eight-ounces thing isn’t even a proven fact?

It’s just “a suggestion”, so…I might be drinking enough already?

I mean, the article did say that all drinks count, since there’s water in it!

Tea and beer and smoothies are made up of water, right?

So it counts?

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