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Here are the simple habits that can help you stay healthy and live for over 100 years. These tips are simple and can be easily added to your daily routine. It’s hard to reach the age of 100 healthy despite the fact that we have the best medicines and technology in today’s word. However, with doing these little things, you can live long and healthy.

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Red Foods in Diet: It will be amazing if you add red cruciferous vegetables like red cabbages and others into your diet. It will not only add colors to your food but will also add more health allowing you to live over 100 years. Red veggies like these are known to protect against cancers. Beet juice has nutrients that can relax your blood vessels promoting healthy blood pressure.

A Cup of Black Tea everyday: This is a very famous British practice. Having a cup of black tea everyday can help you boost your survival rate. This protest against cancer! As a matter of fact, black tea may actually be the reason of Queen Elizabeth’s longevity.

Chewing Food Thoroughly: You will have to enjoy your food rather than eating it all up with a blazing speed. According to a research, by not chewing food properly and by eating fast, there is an increased risk of diabetes. Therefore you need to eat slowly and chew for 20 times — or simply slow down your eating speed to live long and enjoy your meal.

Memorize a Phone Number: We live in a world where smart phones and modern technologies have taken over. There was a time when we used to memorize at least a number and this was enough for our brain’s exercise. If you try to memorize a new number every day, you can allow your brain to practice in order to strengthen your memory. This in turn promotes longevity.

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