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Diabetes is a serious disease that affects more people than you may think. According to the American Diabetes Association, almost 1 in 10 people in the United States have diabetes, which includes citizens both young and old. Unfortunately, despite how common the condition is, there is still a social stigma surrounding diabetes. In order to beat this stigma, here are a few ways that you can raise diabetes awareness in your local community.

Share Your Story on Facebook

If your status updates on Facebook are well received by friends and family, this social media platform could be a great spot to give voice to the experiences that you or your loved ones have had with diabetes. In this digital era we live in, the Internet is a powerful medium for change, and educating your friends online about this disease can have a significant impact on how others view it.

Participate in a Walk

There are many events you can participate in to spread diabetes awareness in your city. Taking part in these types of activities can help you reach more people by banding together with other people passionate about raising awareness for this disease. JDRF One Walk hosts walks across the country to raise money for type 1 diabetes research and treatment. To find out if an upcoming event is being held in your area, visit the JDRF website.

Organize a Fundraiser

If you would rather host your own event, you can organize a gathering in your neighborhood to inform others about diabetes and ask for donations to your preferred charity. This doesn’t have to be a dull lecture — you can arrange fun activities for kids like relay races, or you can rally friends that are interested in volunteering together to wash cars. This will help inform others about diabetes while also strengthening bonds between your neighbors.

The more people you can reach, the more impact you will have on changing the perspective on diabetes across the country. However you extend your knowledge to those unaware of the facts about diabetes, know that you are taking a step toward creating a better future.

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