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I knew I had to do something! I ran a marathon in High School. That was 40 years ago. Then I went to college. Tried to hang on to the run but slowly stopped. One of the worst feelings in my life was registering for a marathon and knew I couldn’t make it because I had not trained right. I couldn’t even make if half way. That hurt!

I drank and partied. Boy did I ever party. So much so that I got myself addicted and my life was not worth much. 40 years of that will do it to you. I also weighed 265 lbs (120 Kg). I thought I’d never run again.

I was able to get of the drugs and booze. That was scary and hard to do, but that’s another story in itself.

I always had hoped that I would pick up running again? Dreaming one day?

I started walking. 45 mins 6 times a week. I also changed my diet dramatically. Time to pay the piper. No more of “I can eat and drink what I ever I wanted, whenever I wanted”. Nope.

I got into a weight competition at work. Lost 80 lbs (36 Kg) in 4 months. Walking helped me along with a TOTAL different way of eating. 2 salad’s a day and fruits & veggies, nuts, seeds and beans.

After losing that weight (A total of 90 lbs) I started thinking about jogging.

Heck my treadmill is next to be bed! So it happened. I started mixing in jogging with my walking and slowly built up everyday. Day after day.

I even started biking again. I got a new ebike and it’s awesome. Love the peddle assist! I would supplement my walking/jogging with the bike.

Then low and behold I started running more and more. Started with a mile. Then 2. Then 3. Now I do 3–5 miles everyday. Mostly on the treadmill.

If I don’t get my run in I don’t feel right. Somethings amiss. I even started looking at the local 5K & 10K races. I actually started pounding the pavement again to get my body use to to road running. Flat feet suck. I’m excited with spring coming and looking forward to my first sanctioned run in over 35 years. I can’t wait!

Run on!

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