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There are endless ways to heal the body and mind. Each so unique and intriguing so whenever an opportunity comes along to learn a new one I am always up for that! At this years Bali Vegan Festival in Ubud, Erika Johansson gave a wonderful talk on Theta healing. Something I had never explored before but after an hour and a half I was hooked… what is theta healing? This practise uses our natural brainwaves to remove negative beliefs so that the path can be cleared for positive change to come into our lives. It is based on the universal law of what you send out you receive back from the world. A lot of what you are sending out you are not even fully aware of. It is programmed into your unconscious mind from past experiences, traumas and challenges you have been through in this life and in past lives. This healing works on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Through working with these brain waves, you can break down the obstacles that are stopping you from achieving your highest potential.

The subconscious mind has been programming your entire life but a lot occurs in young childhood. During this time, we experience delta brainwaves which have a very low frequency. These are very slow waves making it easy to take in information around us. As we move into the toddler age bracket we start using theta brain waves to absorb our surroundings. These waves are like a sponge that takes all things in with no filter at all. There is no comparisons going on or thoughts on what is a good life, it only programmes what is literally there. During this phase we can easily get crossed wires on what is a healthy way to think about the world around us. For example, if we are exposed to parents who practice a lot of violence in their relationship we may form the connection at this age that love equals violence. As we grow older we then tend to lean toward relationships of that nature because it feels familiar. This works the same if your parents tell you, you aren’t good enough the way you are. This belief then stays close to you as you grow older and you attract things into your life to prove that. Theta healings approach to altering these beliefs is to go in and remove them at the theta brain waves level and replace them with a positive alternative. This is a conscious change of the frequencies in the unconscious mind through affirmations.

You might be thinking, that’s all great but how does a person learn to access thoughts at that level in the mind? Testing this out during Erika’s talk was a unique experience! I invite you try this out at home for yourself to see if you can identify some limiting beliefs lingering in your subconscious mind. Theta healing uses muscle testing to identify the thoughts you are holding. In using muscles, it is possible to bypass the conscious mind because it does not have time to respond. You instinctively react from the unconscious first. When you speak the truth, everything remains in alignment and your muscles will stay strong, however when you utter a lie the muscle becomes weak in that moment. If you have two people, this can be done by one person standing up straight and holding out their arm to the side with the palm facing down. the second person can then speak and press down on the arm testing the strength response to each statement. If you would like to practice alone, stand up straight and close your eyes centering yourself in your body with a few breaths. If you lean forward to an affirmation your subconscious agrees and if you tilt back, then it disagrees with the statement. To start simply say out loud or in your head, my name is…. And say your name noting the response of your body. Follow this by saying my name is banana and again take note of the reaction. If you are finding it hard to decipher the sway of your body always go with your first inclination. A few we tested out were “it is safe to be in a loving relationship”, “I am rich”, “I am poor”, “I am good enough”. The self-test brought to light that we can hold a dual belief meaning we believe we are both rich and poor. This belief could lead us to continuously make a lot of money and subsequently lose it quickly.

After realizing those beliefs I was eager to see how to get them out! Erika was able to quickly go to the level of theta brainwaves. In this state she would ask the electromagnetic field to be released and then it is important to question why you were holding on to that belief in the first place. These thoughts may seem negative, but they can also be protecting in some ways and making us feel comfortable. For instance, if you believe you are not good enough, holding onto that could be a way to avoid disappointment in life. Change can be a challenge, it’s possible you may have to face losing people close to you or step out of the comfy comfort zone. Its best to go to the root of the issue because if you battle it in individual parts of your life it may well just end up popping up in another area of your life. By going to a deeper level, it releases it entirely.

This process is more advanced if you have access to a practitioner however you can work on these limiting beliefs yourself as well. Test out each belief using the muscle testing and check off the ones which you are holding and want to release. After identifying them you can journal about them and question where they came from, the fears wrapped up in them and what gifts they give you. To release them on your own you can visualize cutting the cords with the people involved, this returns each other’s soul fragments. By identifying which cords need to be cut you can prevent those people from pulling you back into that old belief. At the same time it is important to take a moment to also thank these people for teaching you these lessons. This could be followed by affirming I set you free and I set myself free. This process can go very deep so be sure to ask for help and support with these beliefs you are holding that may be holding you back in life. These beliefs are also the seeds of illness so if an illness has manifested it is hard to tackle that alone because the programming is very strong. Even though it can be daunting to face the unknown in your subconscious mind, bringing those thoughts into the light could allow you to reach your full potential in your life.

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