How could I overcome wisdom teeth near nerve surgery?

When I was 19 years old, I suffered from wisdom toothache , then tested X-ray in the hospital and found that all four teeth were skewed, in which two lower tooth grew close to the nerve. After that, the doctor advised me not to spit, just cut the gums to make the teeth come out, maybe in a few years it will grow up straightly!?! At that time, I spent 1 million VND only cutting the gums.

Until now, it still grows stupid like that, pushing the others makes them hurt and decayed , often leaving food and biting on cheeks. Every time it popped, it was a pain, swollen, which I can’t eat anything :((

This time it made me so uncomfortable, therefore I decided to go to the doctor to spit it out. At first, I was scared, moreover, my friend told me, “Look at your film, I know that it touches your nerves. Carefully be stiff after removal!”

However I still try a dose once. After a test, the doctor told me, “With my experience, I’m sure 98% of your teeth don’t touch too close with the nerves, can be removed. If you want to be more sure, you should test CT scan. I will use the Piezotome machine to be safest for you”.

When I was on the surgery table, I was shaking and trembling, closed my eyes, but he usually encouraged me which make me calmer . Extractions are not as painful as I thought. As a result, two pieces of teeth were cut carefully, without any blood or mistakes. The surgery only last 15 minutes. Unbelievable!!!

Two pieces of my teeth

So that, you don’t be scare about wisdom teeth surgeries. You only need choose professional doctors and prestige clinic, everything will be fine ❤

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