Glutamine supplementations are becoming increasingly popular especially for gym goers as a During Workout Supplement. Prolonged periods of intense exercise leads to depletion of glutamine levels, which may also reduce protein synthesis. Glutamine particularly L- Glutamine is one of 20 naturally occurring amino acids present in the dietary protein. In fact, L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in the bloodstream and approximately 30–35% of the amino acid nitrogen in our blood. Recent researches have proven that it is a conditionally essential amino acid because in natural condition body can supply adequate amount through natural pathways, but in case of stress caused by excessive exercise or critical illness glutamine supplementation is essential.

Nowadays so many companies are producing glutamine commercially for supplementation purpose. Steadfast Nutrition a premium sports company recently gifted us a product by the name of Steadfast Nutrition Power Glutamine. Endurance athletes like marathon runners, mountain bikers need prolonged energy with strength. These sports demand high capacity of practice to perform excellently for a longer duration. Moreover, they are more often exposed to different climatic conditions which might affect their gut and immunity. Insufficiency of amino acids might affect their performance and lead to muscle loss. Power Glutamine is excellent for such people as an immunity booster, muscle synthesiser and recovery enhancer. It contains L-Glutamine. No colour, thickness, sweeteners or preservative are added to it. It is available in sachet form which is easy to use and tamper proof. 1 sachet contains 5 gm of L-Glutamine. Ideal recommended dosages are 1–2 sachet/day mix with 250–300 ml water or juice depending on the physical activity. These selective properties make this the Best Power Glutamine available in the Indian market. The product should be kept in a cool, dry and dark place to increase its shelf-life. It can be taken by any individual be it an athlete or a common person as per the direction of the health care professional. It is best before use 18 months from the manufacturing date. Any sportsperson and fitness enthusiast can take SN Power Glutamine depending upon their daily activities irrespective of their gender. There is no fixed schedule, it can be taken depending on exercise regime anytime of the day but for optimum results one should preferably consume it at bedtime or post workout. People can Buy Online Power Glutamine from steadfast nutrition official website as well as the e-commerce website and it is also available at steadfast stores.

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