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Have you had a Breast cancer scare at any time in your life?

Did you have to go for a Mammogram because you felt a lump?

I didn’t make an appointment straight away and I know I should have, but I think I was scared because my mother had Breast cancer.

I wasn’t scared of having a mammogram but I was petrified of the results. Has any other woman out there had one or had a Breast cancer scare?

There are so many women out there today who are suffering from Breast cancer or any type of cancer.
My mother passed away from Breast Cancer. She had to have a mastectomy. It left her in a terrible way, emotionally as well as painfully. She suffered so much. She was also Diabetic and on insulin so this made it harder for her to heal after a mastectomy. She went through agony.

Before she was diagnosed with Breast cancer, at 50 years old, my mother had three minor heart attacks and it left her with heart failure. Six months later, she felt a lump under her arm and so she went to see her GP. After her mammogram, she was diagnosed with Breast cancer. She had to have a mastectomy and 16 lymph nodes removed. It took a few months for her to recover. I hated to see her in so much pain and with tubes going through her making her uncomfortable.
Of course, she eventually recovered from it and healed but it took a lot out of her. After the mastectomy, she had radiotherapy because she couldn’t have chemotherapy. They told her that she couldn’t have chemotherapy because her heart was too weak. We hoped it was enough.

She took Tamoxifen for 5 years and then she was taken off it because you can only take it for that amount of time. She was in remission and then, not long after, Breast cancer returned with a vengeance!

It went to the other breast. She coped very well at the end but we knew it would end at some point. The doctors gave her a choice; to have a second mastectomy but there was a risk of her passing away during surgery because of her weak heart. She could either take the risk and have the mastectomy or leave it and spend more time with her family. She was at a loss. I remember how she cried over it and talked about it with me. I wanted her to have the surgery because maybe it just might do the trick and get rid of the nasty disease. Of course, the doctors said it was not likely that she would make it through the surgery and that’s what she feared the most!

In the end, she decided not to go through with the surgery and live her last days enjoying her time with my dad and me, and all of the family. We knew it was a risk not having the surgery because I thought she might have the chance to recover and get through it, but it was her choice and we couldn’t change her mind. Sometimes I think about it and wonder ‘what if she did have the surgery?’ Would she have lived through it? I still wonder about it today!

When I think of it now, I remember how she had lived a good life for a while since coming off Tamoxifen. It took some time for cancer to come back. Suddenly, she started to deteriorate and she knew it was time to make plans.

Before she was due to go into a respite care home, her heart gave out and she died of a massive heart attack at home. Her body couldn’t take the pain she was in. The morphine had weakened her mind and made her so tired at the end. It was hard to see her like that so it was a blessing for herself to die instantly.

After her funeral, I heard that three more women in my family were diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It’s a devastating horror for any woman to go through.
I remember my first mammogram. It wasn’t the mammogram that scared me but the waiting time afterwards. They made me wait outside for my results only because they knew that my mother had died from Breast Cancer. The time that I had waited was an awful experience. Of course, my results were good. I was one of the lucky ones!

I know it’s a terrible thing to hear that you have Breast Cancer. It’s even more devastating for family members too because you think that you will lose that person immediately. Of course, that’s just the feeling of shock that we have to deal with in the beginning.
It’s a horrible disease! Not something any woman wants to suffer from!

My mother died in April 2011 at the age of 63!

Do you know someone who is suffering from Breast cancer?

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