Video Game Guru Masafumi Miyamoto Selling $17M Mansion in SoCal

A California Mansion Fit for a Fantasy

If you don’t already know who Masafumi Miyamoto is, then you probably aren’t a computer programmer or videogame designer. Miyamoto has been famous for years, but only in certain circles.

By all accounts, Miyamoto is a very wealthy man and is now looking to increase his net worth by selling the California mansion he purchased in the mid-90s for more than twice the $7.9 million he paid for it.

A highly-skilled computer programmer, Miyamoto devised the model by which nearly every company develops video games these days: putting coders together with writers and graphic artists in teams working on projects, rather than keeping them isolated and working independently of one another. Miyamoto is the founder of Square, and was the visionary who discovered the designer who would go on to create one of the world’s most popular video games of all time, Final Fantasy.

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The home is a sprawling, European-style mansion that measures a whopping 15,000+ square feet. It sits on a nearly one-and-a quarter-acre lot in the Palos Verdes Estates between the Redondo Beach and Ranchos Palos Verdes areas of the South Los Angeles area.

While the home isn’t on the beach, or even across the street from the beach, it does sit on a cul-de-sac atop a hill in the neighborhood, commanding sweeping views down to the Pacific Ocean.

Masafumi Miyamoto house

The home features nine bedrooms and an amazing eleven baths. The breathtaking grand entry is graced with crystal chandeliers, white marble floors, and green marble columns, while a sweeping staircase leads up to the home’s second floor. To add to the luxury, a skylight through the ornate ceiling leads the eye to the third floor.

The ground floor includes a complete chef-worthy kitchen, a formal dining room, a less formal dining area off the kitchen, a library, a sitting room, and a sunken living room.

Masafumi Miyamoto house

Leveling Up in Palos Verdes Estates

The home also comes complete with a home gym, tennis court, in-ground pool with cabana, a squash court, a music room, and more interior and exterior living spaces than all but the largest families would struggle to inhabit. It is lavishly decorated with art and furniture that completes the look and feel of a 19th-century European estate.

The grounds are immaculately designed and packed with layered, mature plantings that lead the eye from one outdoor living area to the next. Taken as a whole, the property and the house feel like they would be more in their element somewhere like Beverly Hills or Bel Air, rather than nestled between Torrance and Long Beach.

Masafumi Miyamoto house

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Throughout the home and the grounds, every conceivable detail has obvious and lavish attention paid to it. The home is a complete, if perhaps a bit over-the-top, testament to what several million dollars’ worth of top-quality craftsmanship can do.

It may be a bit overpriced at $17 million, but building a home of this nature in this location would likely cost more than that. Plus, the home’s furnishings and decorations are all included in the asking price. It may not be for everyone, but for the right buyer it will be a paradise.

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