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TOP 10 Must Have Home Workout Equipment

I’ve been asked my many of my former and present clients to put out a list of exercise equipment I thought would best suit their fitness goals. Let me start by saying there is no one training style I have my clients use. There are multiple styles of training and techniques I show them through the life cycle they stay with me for. On average I retain roughly 75% of my clients for about 4 years. The longest being a 52 year old male named Mike S. I’ve had him since April 2008. Going back to my original point, I chose these simple pieces of equipment due to the many types of exercise that can be performed and the versatility of being able to transport the workout equipment outside. It gets a bit mundane always training indoors, plus being outside when it is sunny gives you added vitamin D which gets depleted from exercise. Vitamin will help with absorption of calcium and giving you more energy. I hope you’ll find this list helpful! FYI, this article contains affiliate links.

Bodylastics Resistance Bands — This simple yet highly effective piece of equipment is necessary because they’re user friendly, easy to transport, and can be used pretty much anywhere outside or indoors. You can also vary the types of training ranging from rehab and correctional exercise to strength, stability, and sports performance.

Core Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell — There are hundreds if not thousands of exercises you can do with dumbbells. They can be used in multiple settings, outside or inside. And they’re relatively simple to transport. I suggest getting the interchangeable dumbbells that allow you to choose from 5 lbs up to 50 lbs.

Gobeast Power Tower Portable Pull up bar — A portable pull-up bar is a simple yet great piece of equipment to utilize and can be transported fairly easily. It also serves as a platform for multiple uses and literally hundreds of exercises.

Spri Exercise Mat — Exercise mats are good for floor work ranging from simple to complex. It allows you to perform floor work in relative comfort in your bedroom, garage, or outdoors and it’s easy to transport.

Bowflex Adjustable Weight Bench — It allows you to perform exercises that require a greater range of motion such as push/pull exercises as well as varying angles allowing you to perform a plethora of exercises in relative comfort.

Spri Stability Ball — This is a great piece of equipment, and inexpensive. The exercises you can do are pretty much boundless and it can be used indoors and outdoors. It helps to improve core strength and overall body stability as well.

Lifeline Jungle gym XT — This invaluable piece of workout equipment is for suspension training. It can be attached to a pull-up bar, anchored from your door, or anything stable overhead. It’s great for indoor or outdoor, is lightweight, and easily transportable. It’s great for novice to advanced and the exercises that can be performed range in the thousands.

RDX Sandbags — I know what you’re thinking…sandbags?? Yes, sandbags. They are great for functional training and have multiple handles on the bag at different angles for different types of lifting. And they can be easily transported and used virtually anywhere like the beach or desert… both have lots of sand.

TRX Slam Ball — Another personal favorite of mine, the slam ball can be fun too. It’s similar to a medicine ball, however this ball is best for developing power and is great for a full-body workout. You can slam on the ground, wall and great for stress relief…imagine your boss’ face as a target (many clients have told me they had that thought pop up a few times).

UE Boom 2 Bluetooth Speakers — Let’s get real here. Every workout needs good music to jam to. Also multiple health studies showed how subjects were more focused, performed better, and had increased activity in the neurotransmitters responsible regulating norepinephrine and dopamine (feel good chemicals). This speaker is portable, waterproof, shock proof, has a battery life of 15 hours, can be paired with another UE Boom 2 speaker, and has an amazing sound quality.

I hope this Top 10 Must Have Home Workout Equipment answered any lingering questions you had. And I look forward to seeing what transformation you’re going to make as a result of utilizing this awesome workout equipment.


Blake Tarvin

Founder of SoCal Strengthen & Lengthen.

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