Emotions About My Future, Is History Like Religion & Canceled MRI/CT Scans

The feeling of hope and the possibilities of what could be can propel us to no end, but I know the other side of the coin all to well. I wrote about my dealing with depression in the past. I exercised the feelings with sessions with my therapist, taking an anti-depressant and writing poetry and blogs. These methods help me maintain balance and keep my mental health right.

I cannot expect to be all well and mentally healthy for as long I live. Life events and old demons of bad thoughts do come of course. My MS and diabetes cause enough drama to get me tagged as disabled in the eyes of the government after all. Moreover, there are many people that have MS that have issues enough coping with depression. Furthermore, life is rough enough to get abled bodied healthy people down. So, I might assume that I will NO doubt have mental health issues for the rest of my life. A balancing my head is the goal now and I just know that it will not be easier as my life and dealing with MS and diabetes continues on. The constant unrelenting support my family is and I love them dearly for that.


The biggest point that Eighth Grade is the possibilities of life that we all have to change out own lives for the better. The crush of life and anxiety can dominate our thoughts. I recently saw a story on Instagram that a favorite actor of mine, Katee Sackhoff posted that other day that made me buy the book it was from. The book is by Daisaku Ikeda Buddhism, Day By Day,and I am slowly reading through it and posting the quotes as the year goes on my own Instagram feed. A quote for February 27 applies to this thought,

“We each move forward secure on our own earth, not the earth of others. Happiness is something we must create for ourselves. No one else can give it to us.” — Daisaku Ikeda Buddhism, Day By Day

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