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Now, I’m not saying I ate a lollipop and suddenly I’m acting like a character from loony-tunes but, I do believe that over the course of several years, processed foods have had a powerful influence on our health, not just physical but mental as well. I’m not crazy, I just have a chemical imbalance in my brain, so it just doesn’t quite work like most people’s — that’s what drives me nuts. Always being late for appointments, always feeling or being unprepared for class, feeling unsettled, tired yet racing with energy at the same time. I’m a hot mess and usually I laugh it off because let’s face it, if you were to see someone lose their marbles on the ground, slipping on them at the same time while trying to pick them up, it’d render a chuckle, so I choose to embrace that comical side as much as I can. It’s just human nature. Of course, that’s not to say it’s not embarrassing too, that’s why I choose to look at the positive.

“I know you’re wondering, what does this have to do with junk food?”

Allow me to explain by backing up and explaining how I came to post this. . .

Not too long ago, I received a diagnosis for a second time. It wasn’t really news to me, but I was going un-medicated whilst trying to finish a bachelor’s degree. Around that time, I was writing a paper about genes and how they were associated with ADHD which required I do research in my aspiring field concerning specific questions that interested me. Oh that’s right, did I mention I was diagnosed with ADHD and Bipolar?? . . .

Anyway, realizing the impact of going without medication, I was torn apart by several emotions at once. Mainly because, out of fear, I didn’t want to cloud my mind with man-made chemicals, even though the chemical make-up of my brain already wasn’t working properly. As a full time student and someone already struggling to pick up the marbles I’ve spilled, I didn’t have a huge amount of extra time to look into the detailed genetic information I was craving to understand, nor did I have extra energy necessary to devote to reading dense experimental studies I wanted to use as my resources for information so, I used writing assignments already given to me for my undergraduate coursework to find out more through current research for any information about my diagnosis that would stick out to me as significant.

I think any person wanting a change in their life feels a great desire to learn as much as they can, What I found is that processed foods have overtime changed the chemical make up of our bodies.

To explain this part, I’m going to mention a study I came across while researching for a writing assignment for school and the particular genes, enzymes, protein coding agents or chemicals found in food that’s been linked or associated to mood disorders and other health related diseases effecting hundreds of thousands of people today. Stay with me because it’s important to this story to pull these directly from the source.

I was briefly doing research on personal genomics in the field of psychology for undergraduate course work and I was intrigued by Epigenetic information I found about these disorders and I asked myself, “Hmm, chemical make-up is treated with man-made pills to correct a chemical imbalance, how did the imbalance happen in the first place?”

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