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 In The Garden of Fertility, certified fertility educator Katie Singer explains how easy it is to chart your fertility signals to determine when you are fertile and when you are not. Her Fertility Awareness method can be used to safely and effectively prevent or help achieve pregnancy, as well as monitor gynecological health. Singer offers practical information, illuminated with insightful personal stories, for every woman who wants to learn to live in concert with her body and to take care of her reproductive health naturally.The Garden of Fertility provides:Directions (and blank charts) for charting your fertility signalsInstructions for preventing pregnancy naturally — a method virtually as effective as the Pill, with none of its side effects.Guidelines for timing intercourse to enhance your chances of conceiving without drugs or hormonesInformation to help you use your charts to gauge your reproductive health — to determine whether you’re ovulating; if you have a thyroid problem, low progesterone levels, or a propensity for PCOS or miscarriage; or if you’re pregnantNutritional and nonmedical strategies for strengthening your gynecological healthClear descriptions of reproductive anatomy, hormonal changes throughout the menstrual cycle, and how conception occurs

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