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About Geno

I came back to Guatemala, met my wonderful husband who introduced me to Herbalism and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

A whole new world opened up in front of my eyes, medicine could actually be holistic and natural. I knew then, I had found my path of service and my calling which were plants, nature and my beautiful daughter who means the world to me.

Moved to a little rural village with no car access in Lake Atitlan, bought a piece of land, started a family, a garden and our herbal company came along, taking care of my daughter with natural herbs and medicine has been one of the most important things in my apprenticeship.

And having her grow and learn in a world of plants, ointments, teas and preparations has been really fulfilling. Since then I have met beautiful traditional midwifes and the herbs just manifest everywhere I go.

With the herb company I began a journey of learning that will last a lifetime, and that I’m happy to share with others through our products and our workshops.

From the beginning of time, plants have played a significant role in human affairs, influencing medicine and healthcare.

Participants will explore the medical gardens in San Juan, and Jaibalito, meet with local indigenous healers, and learn about the history, cultivation and role medicinal plants play in health and healing.

See, smell, and taste the rejuvenating and healing powers of medicinal plants through interactive demonstrations and samplings.

This is a wonderful opportunity to deepen you connection to herbal medicine in a rich sensory experience in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Guatemala Alternative Medicine Two Day Retreat

We will begin our exploration with a visit to a medicinal garden where we will meet with a local indigenous healer who uses the leaves, seeds, stems, bark and roots of herbs to treat illness and disease.

Walking in the aromatic medicinal garden you will be greeted by the fragrance of the herbs.

The garden is flourishing with some common herbs such as lemon grass and chamomile as well as many rare and little-known medicinal plants.

We will then travel to the adjoining village of San Juan La Laguna where we will visit a medicinal garden that is run by a local women’s cooperative.

You will have an opportunity to tour the gardens, learn about the herbs and their uses, as well learn about their belief in caring for the land with love, and without harming it by using pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

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