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My name is Sally and I grew up on Kangaroo Island, one of the most pristine environments in the world.

I am a 6th generation islander and have spent many years on the land and at the beach studying the healing power of natural resources.

I was diagnosed with a life threatening thyroid disorder in my 20s which became the catalyst for the beginning of OrganiQ Natural Skincare committed to empowering the health beauty and wellness of women and our environment.

A recent study revealed that more than 25% of women use at least 15 products daily that could contain toxins and carcinogens. This amounts to 515 different chemicals on our bodies every single day.

Your skin is your largest organ, it actually breathes. So if you wouldn’t eat it, why would you put it on your body?

I started developing formulas that I knew would give results. Products that felt and smelt beautiful and helped me to feel confident about how I looked and felt.

It was important to me that every product have a skin conditioning benefit and that formulas be so pure that you could actually eat them.

Instant nourishment, lasting results.

Some of our ingredients can only be sourced from Kangaroo Island. Like the Ligurian Bee honey. One of the oldest beatifying ingredients in the world. The only substance on the planet to contain all nutrients necessary to sustain life.

With so many toxins in our environment it is pivital to remain aware of what we put on and in our body.

And so began our mission and our pledge

OrganiQ is committed to sustainable wellbeing at every stage in life.Pure beauty inspired by 350 million year old coastline and pristine coastal air.Our purpose is to empower you to feel beautiful at every level.

Our products contain ingredients so pure that some actually contain all nutrients essential to sustaining life.

We continue to innovate and evolve as a commitment to our customers and our heritage.

Never forgetting our connection to the Southern Ocean and native bushland.

Nourish your body — and the results will follow.

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