Detox flu – Christine Nicole

I officially feel like shit. Chills, possible fever, headaches. Is this the real thing, or is it the detox flu? I’m going to go with the latter because I refuse to be sick. Today my body was craving protein and it was not having just leafy greens.

For breakfast I had a cup of steel oats with frozen blueberries. It was tasteless but my tastebuds got really excited when a plump blueberry exploded in my mouth. Sorry, no photos. By mid morning was was dragging. I felt exhausted, my eyes burned, I was slightly dizzy, something was off.

I must add a side note here. I’m a diagnosed hypoglycemic. My sugar drops and I pass out. I’ve taken all this into consideration before I started this journey.

So for lunch I knew I needed something more. So I broke off 3 huge leaves of romaine, got some mashed beans, and broke a rule. I added HOT SAUCE!!!! It was fucking delicious. I headed back to work in much higher spirits, and a hot sauce stain on my shirt.

By 4pm my eyes were burning again and I just wanted to nap. However, work must go on. So I did the remainder of my schedule and left by 5:15.

This is what I came home to. All the vitamins and good natural sugars. I drank the cup my husband left for me and cooked their food. They had brats and cheese burgers, and I salivated over what I could not have for 6weeks. I gave them their meaty goodness and cut up some sprouts and garlic drizzled with freshly squeezed lemon juice and popped it in the oven for 25 minutes. During this time I served the boys food and sat for a bit due to exhaustion. Did I mention need a nap? I quickly ate my sprouts and am currently full. I still don’t feel well but I’m not dizzy. I just want to sleep. So that’s what I’ll end up doing as I lay here watching tv under my soft blanket, wishing the detox flu away.

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