The Stories that hold us back…  – – Brian Pickowicz

The Stories that hold us back…

My current physique at 214 pounds. Don’t mind the 4:15 am face too.

What story are you selling yourself on?

You know, the one that you repeat to yourself every day about why you are the way you are & why you can’t change?

See, I am posting this right now, because I recently had a massive breakthrough of my own in this area & I realized that this was something that had been holding me back in my own personal fitness journey.

I am not this for attention, but as a moment of genuine rawness in hopes that something strikes inside you to move you from where you currently are & get to where you truly want to be.

Personally, I have been facing some challenges when it comes to my own personal fitness journey over the last two years.

It all began after my last bodybuilding contest & I didn’t realize it until recently.

See, after my last contest, I made the decision to focus less on my personal body & focus more on helping others creating lifestyles that they loved.

This meant devoting myself to understanding habit change, mindfulness practices, thought pattern, as well as expanding my understanding of mobility, training and nutrition.

But, what I didn’t realize is that despite having tremendous success with my clients, I was holding onto my own limiting story too.

See, for months, I have been toying around with what I want to do with fitness.

At times, I have felt directionless which has led to a general lack of excitement, discipline & consistency.

To make matters worse, each time I got momentum and began getting in solid shape, I would lose 5–10 pounds and start to feel aligned again only to self-sabotage my way back into that directionless zone.

For months, I have felt somewhat bothered by this.

Not because I am overweight or out of shape, but because I am personally not operating at my PERSONAL standard of where I am at my best.

So, I decided to sit my ass down & have a real honest discussion with the person who was causing all my problems: myself.

After examining my beliefs and patterns, I realized I was holding onto a belief that was limiting me.

See, because of the pain of failure I experienced in my last contest, I had built up a system of habits & patterns that told me that if I began to look lean and train hard again, then I would suffer like I did during that time.

This story would play out once I got a compliment or two.

Someone would say, “hey you look really lean” and I would subconsciously link that to that feeling of my focus being on myself & anxiety that my last contest brought on as well as the disconnection from Lindsey, my clients or business.

In an attempt to avoid this feeling and not have that happen, my habit was to care less about my diet and take it easier in the gym which would cause me to lose momentum.

Once I had this realization, I instantly felt empowered because I realized that if I had built up a story such as this, that I also had the power to deconstruct it too.

To do so, I just needed to create a new anchoring belief pattern & solidify it through my words and action.

Personally, that belief is that I can serve more people in a greater capacity, if I am aligned on my mission and operating at my full capacity in my body, mind and spirit.

By having that consistency with my training and nutrition, I will have greater energy and a genuine feeling of revitalization and freshness in my day.

But, this belief must come from my body first and flow to everything else I do.

Now, your goals may have nothing to do with this same pattern, but I find it is the case that so many of us exist in our current state of affairs, not because we are satisfied or fulfilled by them.

But, because we are selling ourselves the stories about what happens if we do something else or better yet, that in order to be a certain type of person we must behave in a certain way.

This however couldn’t be further from the case & my hopes in sharing this personal journey of discovery is to inspire you to change your own belief patterns to in turn reshape your body, mind and spirit in the you that YOU crave to build.

Now that I had the breakthrough, the next step is taking a massive, committed action & so I am committed to document the process of this journey to a revitalized body & lifestyle.

I want to share so many of the tools & strategies I have learned over the last two years with you all, but I am not sure what the best way is.

So, I am curious, if I was to start a private community here on FB and document it, would you be interested in following along and using some of the tools I discuss to Revitalize your own journey?

Let me know before & if this post reached you, feel free to shoot me a message as I would love to help you create your own anchoring pattern to the new you!

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