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As technology advances, human’s living standards have gone up by an enormous amount. We try to make food, as one of the necessities of life, as enjoyable as possible. We want food at its best state. Which is fresh. I believe we have all seen a packaging or advertisement of snap freeze food. For those who don’t know, snap freeze is freezing food right after harvest. Producers rave that their product is at its best, so isn’t that admitting that fresh food is the best? If we can enjoy the fresh food as it is, then why do we need to freeze it, which has many hidden and negative effects which may affect the taste of food.

Improperly frozen food can cause ice crystals to form within the food which damages the texture. When water freezes, it expands as ice, so cell walls rupture and break. This causes the food to become softer which affects its original taste. An example is a tomato which has been frozen and becomes mushy and watery. How can food like that be even compared to fresh tomatoes, so obviously, fresh food is much better.

When frozen food is reheated, flavour and spice may be lost due to runoff water and steam. Moisture loss can also cause some food to be freeze dried. This condition involves grainy, brownish spots on the surface of the food. Tissues also become tough and dry. Freezer dried surfaces are also likely to develop off flavours.

One of the most serious cases of freezing food affecting taste is freezer burns. They cause a very bitter flavour and accelerate the spoilage of food.

Allow me to remind you that food is unavoidable in life so we should enjoy it as much as possible and frozen food is just not good enough in this case. We all want to enjoy life, so start with fresh food.

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