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24 hour fast and its wonders – Apotheosie

It seems that every day my performance depends on two things: the amount of energy and mental clarity. Fasting is the perfect way to boost on both.

One of the top days of 2019 — Montreux, Switzerland (not a fast day:)

I feel like so many things depend on the amount of energy I have. My performance at work, for instance, is the most obvious one. On my crazy energy days I am a true star, not only I get the best ideas and large willingness to achieve, but also I just feel so motivated. Same goes for my performance in sports, hobbies and of course, relationships.

For mental clarity is a little less obvious, but also a very common issue for human beings. Some days we just feel clowdy in our mind, just a fog that surrounds our thinking and it becomes insanely difficult to think straight. It often comes with fatigue and just general ‘ I dont give a s***’ set of mind.

Most people do nothing. Some call it laziness, some lacking purpose or just in general ‘being tired’. I think that is bullshit. What a waste of life not to have energy or mental dedication to fill your life with fun and interesting stuff.

But HOW to achieve that? Well, as a matter of fact it seems as basic as fasting would do. The amount of times I completed the fast, especially when feeling down, purposeless or just in general not fully happy with where I am in life.

WHAT is it? 24 hours, more or less of not eating. Tea is ok, coffee as well if you need it, but just it is just an extended period without food.

WHEN? I find it works best when you do not need insane amount of energy, so like in the evening skipping dinner and then eating only at lunch time the next day.

WHY? For the results of course. You will feel lighter, will have intense amount of energy inflow, and you will feel calm. No anxiety, no worrying or just general unease. All that goes away at least partially and your body focuses on detox, and therefore your mind on clearing itself as well.

HOW OFTEN? I find a 24 hour fast once a week is best, but it really depends on you! Most important is to try.

EXTRA STUFF. With all that energy if you motivate yourself to workout… Expect a really quality, enjoyable workout that burns fat like nothing else (body does not have much fuel from food which you didn’t consume, therefore it burns any unnecessary fat you have)

Ah I really love it. Just for that feeling of doing something different that our society is used to. Not to rebel, just to feel a little bit superhuman.. One surpassed limit leads to another one and that, is how you escape the ordinary isn’t it?

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