Reasons why you should drink nimbu pani in summer – Rajat Kumar

The summer season is at its peak. Delhi’s getting hotter day by day. It looks like the planet Earth is placed on stove and everything is just burning down in such heat. Summer can leave you agitated, tired and totally exhausted. Sun always shines at the top and it drains you out of energy. And when you have no energy, you definitely are not in your good spirit. In such situations, all you need is a chilled glass of nimbu pani and you have all the energy to fight back. Make sure that you should drink nimbu pani in summer.

Nimbu pani, also known as is a homemade drink and it replenishes everything that you lose in summer. Generally called lemon water, it is different from lemon soda. One of the most quintessential drinks to have in summer, you should drink nimbu pani, considering it is easy to make and quickly charges your body. If shikanji or shikanjavi you travel a lot, nimbu pani is your savior.

Lemon is known to be highly versatile citrus fruit. This small fruit is full of health benefits. In summer, you lose a lot of energy from your body in the form of sweat. Dehydration takes away your energy and you feel like a battery with no power. But nimbu pani brings you back to life. Hence, you should drink nimbu in summer to avoid dehydration. This drink is the best and the easiest way to stay hydrated.

Not only drinking nimbu pani in summer is good, but it has several health benefits as well other than just keeping your body hydrated and energized. Here in this blog — post, we will discuss some reasons why you should drink nimbu pani in summer.

A glass of nimbu pani the morning energize your body so that you can fight against the unfavourable climate for whole day. You should drink nimbu pani in summer regularly if you want to beat the heat. Apart from nimbu pani, there are some fruits which you should eat in summer.

Lemon water contains a high amount of potassium which helps your body in maintaining the blood pressure. This means it avoids high blood pressure or hypertension. Lemon water contains good amount of flavonoids and lemon acts as an antiseptic antibiotic. Hence, you should drink nimbu water in summer every morning to avoid several infections.

Nimbu pani can easily be prepared. You just need a lemon, sugar & salt for taste and chilled water and you are ready to go. Instead of drinking fizzy drinks or other beverages, you should drink nimbu pani.

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