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If there’s any fruit that is commonly available across the world, its Banana. It is an instant energy booster. It is also said that Bananas are the world’s most appealing fruits. This curvy yellow fruit gives many benefits to its consumers. They are very high in potassium and pectin.

Bananas grow in clusters; they are tropical fruits. They have soft pulp inside a fleshy peel. They can be eaten directly when ripe or can also be included in fruit salads, juices and shakes. Bananas are known for their health benefits. Some of them are mentioned below.

Health Benefits of Bananas to Kids: The first-ever fruit that the mother would feed her baby is banana because of its soft texture and easy digestion. Also, since babies have a natural affinity for sweet, they tend to like it. But that is not the only reason for choosing Banana. There are a lot of health benefits which are as follows:

Bananas are rich in fiber: This makes you feel fuller for a longer time. They are also rich in potassium, carbohydrates, protein, dietary fiber. They are impressively nutritious, which includes vitamins like vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Riboflavin. It also contains minerals like calcium and phosphorus.

It is easy to digest: Considering kids, food should be easily digestible, therefore bananas are great for both supplementing enough nutrition and at the same time for easy digestion.

Bananas are good for growing bones and improving eyesight: As mentioned above, since bananas are rich in Vitamin A, they help in improving your child’s eyesight. Also, they contain potassium which helps in growing strong bones.

Bananas help in increasing brain power: Bananas can help stimulate your child’s brain and also help in increasing your kid’s concentration power too.

Banana treats constipation: Constipation is common in toddlers and babies. Bananas possess a decent amount of dietary fibers which adds bulk to the stool by absorbing water. Therefore, constipation can be relieved.

Bananas act as a good remedy for Urinary disorders: Toddlers and babies are usually prone to urinary tract infections. Under such circumstances, feeding your child a mashed banana can be very beneficial. It is also believed that banana can clean off the accumulated toxins from the urinary tract.

Banana peel can be used to reduce skin inflammation: Very often it is observed that babies being exposed to insects and other kinds of flies, end up with bites and rashes on their sensitive skin. In such cases, banana peel can be helpful in reducing the inflammation caused by mosquito or insect bites.

Banana helps in preventing Anemia: Bananas being rich in iron which is very essential in producing haemoglobin in the blood it helps in the synthesis of red blood cells in your body.

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