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A testosterone hormone is one of the primary hormones in both male and female that plays an instrumental role in the development of a body. During the last one decade, a decline has been reported in the growth of testosterone level in human body that has occurred due to eating and drinking people have adopted.

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In addition to this, changing environment has created havoc on the health thereby becoming barriers to health growth. Though, all body functions are equally important in regulating immune system, brain functions, but testosterone is considered the supreme one as it regulates sex drive or libido and also sustains the energy.

As per experts, in our current time we are living in an era which is completely disturbing and simultaneously disturbing our body growth as well. Every second we are encountering estrogenic compounds due to which health seems be in a disturbing phase. This has led to the turmoil of overall functioning of the body that has affected most of the body parts from working properly. Due to this, testosterone level decreases. But this is not the only reason that decreases the testosterone level.

As men grow older, it is obvious that they tend to decrease their testosterone. This results in the high risk of diseases and illness and complications that negatively impacts mental and physical disposition.

But there are solutions to every question, so here are some remedies that slow down the effects and maintain the level while helping you sustain your energy. A good testosterone level facilitates many important functions of the body such as energy levels, sexual drive, reproduction, sleep cycle; all these contribute to the wellness of life. It is also responsible for strength and muscle mass and improves the quality of the sperms, improves red blood cells, and establishes the different male characteristics.

Importance of Testosterone

Testosterone is produced in the testicles that take charge of several functions of the body that contributes to the development and growth of the body. It works in the following ways:

· It is responsible for the growth and development of healthy and strong muscles

· It enhances your sexual drive with hard, strong and long-lasting erections

· Helpful in maintaining bone mass

· The production of quality sperm increases and improves the motility of reproduction

· It helps body to meet the normal sperm count

· Distributes the fat around the body so that body doesn’t lack it in any area

What are the Causes of Low Testosterone Level?

Habits of Smoking- Cigarettes are biggest reason of lung cancer because it contains toxic elements that are responsible to impair body’s functionality and curb its ability to produce sufficient testosterone. When your fall short of sufficient testosterone level, chances of good well-being and health starts declining and takes you to a point wherein you are close to death.

Age Factor- During puberty, testosterone level increases due to the growth of the testicles, hair, and penis. However, as you grow older with each passing day, you tend to lose testosterone level naturally. Not only this, your voice starts begin to deepen and develop the body muscles.

But all these aspects are no longer the same when you pass each level of age. After reaching at the age of 40, your body starts suffering from low level of testosterone level, as a result of which, your sexual desire decline and feel low as well in terms of energy.

Alcohol- Alcohol too is dangerous for your health, if taken in an excessive amount can cause the liver failure also. Apart from this, it minimizes your desire of sex and badly impacts other body organs. There are noxious substances contained in alcohol that make it work against body functions.

Too Much Usage of Drugs — Drugs are made to cure and halt the diseases that dysfunctions the growth of your body. It contains chemicals or compounds that may have some side effects which easily can’t be averted but reduces the testosterone level to a large extent. This is the reason most of the body parts start getting weaker and don’t function properly.

Stress- Those People who experience high level of stress are likely to have low testosterone level. Stress is responsible for harming mood, memory and energy level that directly impact the sexual health and testosterone level.

Boost your Testosterone Level Naturally

There are several ways you can adopt to boost your testosterone level naturally. Testosterone level is associated with ample health problems, so if it goes down, it can bring lots of health problems for you. The best way to solve this problem is to integrate natural ways in your lifestyle to get the early results.

Eat More Foods Loaded with Zinc- If you have enough amounts of essential nutrients in your body. You testosterone level in your body starts leveling up.

Zinc is an essential nutrient in making testosterone. With enough amounts of it in the body, you can enjoy normal testosterone levels that promote the proper functioning of your sexual and reproductive parts. Some good examples of foods that are loaded with zinc are legumes, nuts, shellfish, avocados, raspberries, peaches, blueberries, apricots, blackberries, kiwifruit, pomegranates, whole grains, and eggs.

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