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Dental Implant

In need of Dental Implant Treatment? Perhaps you have already delayed the decision to have one at a place, it is very natural that some just think of having an implant surgically placed in the mouth that can be very scary.

Therefore, it is essential to look at every aspect of getting a dental implant whether it is the cost or the type of implantation. So let us look at the definition of dental implantation.

The implant is usually made of titanium and is surgically placed by a dentist or dental specialist. The screw-like parts are placed into the jawbone and meant to imitate the root of the tooth. However, several factors determine the length of time needed for the implant procedure. They are your dental health, the number of teeth involved, the teeth that need to be replaced or any other tooth that has been extracted before implant placement. The process takes six to nine months or might take longer if an extraction needs to heal.

There are some preoperative instructions to follow that may include, rinsing your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash, medications to take for a few days before surgery, eat a good breakfast on the day of surgery and having someone near or dear one along with you during the treatment.

Now the surgical phase is done in the dental office with local anesthesia but can also be done with sedation if performed by the oral surgeon. A specialized drill is used to create space for the implant-bone. After the implant is placed, a second component is screwed into the implant itself and will remain in place during the healing process. Next, the gums are stitched well and it takes a few months for the implant to get settled in the jaw bone. The last step is the final placement of your new crown. In such a case, depending upon which tooth is being restored, it checks the shape and then fit into your mouth.

One of the important things to be taken care of is the possibility of nerve damage if the treatment is not done in the proper manner. The jawbone is home to dental nerves, arteries, and veins encased in a canal within the jawbone. Therefore, care has to be taken that the implant should not get so close to the veins and arteries, and other structures in the jawbone.

For this, the dentist uses the latest and advanced technology like 3D imaging technology which is like an x-ray which can give you a precise image of the smallest resolution for a clear picture. As the dentist uses the x-rays to make the treatment much safer and better.

Also, it is essential that the gums should be healthy and your dentist should check the density of your jawbone to make sure the implant is viable. Your general overall health is an important factor, as there can be implications if the treatment is not done properly. The conditions, like cancer, diabetes, and several other diseases can affect your health and in some conditions, the treatment is not suggested.

After the treatment, maintenance is required for your implants. There are no special care requirements for your implants as you need to look after them in the same manner as you look for other natural teeth.

Lastly, one thing to consider is the shape of your face, that can be maintained as the new teeth are placed on your jaw. Also, it prevents bone loss as the fact that your teeth began to collapse inwards slightly and the more teeth can be needed to remove, resulting in greater bone loss.

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