Blogging & Failure = Creativity


A post by Kitty Hannah Eden posted the blog, Creativity Feeds on Curiosity. Kitty covers how she sees that our curiosity nourishes our creative force. This made me respond:

“Thank you Kitty for talking about creativity when so many feel they lack it. Honestly, my sense of it comes from my life and rebuilding after failures. So many times I’ve run into walls and recovering from those in different ways. This advice or hard work and dedication and luck I swear are my life’s story.

Failures in journalism turned into a history BS, and then failures in having a job turned into grad school. The failures in trying for a Ph.D. turned into teaching in high school, and then failures in health turned into this writing thing I am doing now. So, I guess it is only thanks to failure that I even have a Medium account!”

This post from Kitty made me instantly recall all the failures that lead me here. It was only from those that I am where I am. Her post was not on this predominantly and only mentioned that we could recover from a failure.

Creativity is a way to cope with failure and that is where my mind went. This current life I live of blogging and vlogging to survive mentally was the result of a series of failures, so that was where my view of the piece went. Yes, multiple sclerosis, or MS, was not a failure, but it is something that creativity and curiosity to cope with and recover.

The diagnosis and repercussions of MS are the stuff of nightmares. Approaches to coping can range from denial to acceptance and doing all you can to deal with it. Rebuffing the results will end poorly in many ways. The willing to survive MS is clearly my line of dealing with it.

An additional finding that I also am type 1 diabetic adds another tier of difficulty to controlling of my health. The results of having both chronic diseases can make the handling of my daily life a battle. Often the obstacles of MS can make the problems of my diabetes.

For example: the ER visit for a high fever and dehydration that I assumed was because of my MS lesions when it was more likely caused by diabetes.

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