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The Year of Self-Care

I didn’t use to care much about self-care when I was younger. Back then I thought that self-care was selfish because it meant only focusing on myself and my needs, but somewhere in early twenties, I realized I was wrong about what self-care actually meant.

How I looked at self-care when I was younger

Self-care has always been something I’ve avoided doing since I was younger because I was taught at a young age to put others needs before my own. I think my education and my upbringing had a lot to do with why I haven’t taken self-care seriously before. In school I was taught to be emphatic towards everyone, which is a really good thing to teach to students, but as a child I thought that meant I had to put other people’s needs before my own. At home, I was the oldest child which meant I had to take care of my younger siblings and always think of them/share everything with them. I don’t blame school or my parents for not thinking about the importance of self-care, but looking back I had a pretty negative view on self-care. To add on to my already negative idea of self-care, I also thought self-care was just pampering yourself like the girls on those glossy magazines with their perfectly mani-pedis and put together makeup.

What self-care means to me today

I still haven’t shredded that old idea of self-care in my mind, but as time goes on, and as I get older, self-care is looking more and more attractive. For me, self-care is no longer just about putting others above myself, or about wearing beauty masks and getting my nails manicured. Self-care to me now is being physically, mentally, and spiritually fulfilled. Self-care, I’ve discovered is the key to achieving a lot of things we want to do in our lives.

The goal of this series

My aim with this series is to help others who are looking to improve their self-care by sharing my own journey with self-care and of other people I’ve met who are also on the same journey. Every month, I will post all sorts of topics relating to self-care. I hope to inspire other twenty-somethings, teen-somethings, and anybody who is struggling with self-care to see the importance of it and help them discover how they can incorporate self-care into their busy lives.

Special shout-out to my close friends, Claire and Alvin for giving me the title of this post.

Here’s to our year of self-care!

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