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Lose weight with the protein diet – Meliory

Lose weight and get results quickly is the goal of those who start a diet. Among the different solutions, plans and dietary regimes that help to lose weight quickly and, above all, guarantee the maintenance of results over time, we find the protein diet, a diet used in sports and also chosen and made famous also by many characters of the show, precisely because it is effective and able to find a perfect physical form in record time. The protein diet is also a diet that is frequently used in sports, also associated with training, as it allows you to develop muscles while also improving body composition: it helps to burn excess fat and keep the metabolism active.

Among the diets recommended to lose weight, to improve muscle definition, often used by bodybuilders, articulated between main meals and snacks, this diet allows you to easily reach the set goals without ever losing sight of the goal to be achieved.

Although it is well known that in order for the human body to function well it needs various nutrients, such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats, the protein diet, however, provides a strong limitation in the consumption of carbohydrates and prefers a diet based on proteins, especially of animal origin . Proteins have fewer calories than carbohydrates, they sate longer and don’t feel hungry. Furthermore, at a metabolic level, the processes of assimilation of proteins are slower, so that the metabolism remains active longer and during digestion more calories are burned.

This characteristic of the diet also helps to improve the feeling of satiety. Moreover, due to the lower caloric intake taken thanks to the protein diet, it is easier to lose weight and the excess pounds disappear. To achieve even faster results and in a short time it is sufficient to combine a light training program, there are certainly many indicated aerobic exercises and fitness exercises, cardio-fitness, without excluding light running.

A classic protein diet menu includes at least 5 meals a day: in addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, in fact, 2 snacks are provided, one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon. As far as food is concerned, here’s what to eat in a protein diet and how to organize the menu of the day: at breakfast you can start with a coffee or tea or a cup of skimmed milk, low-fat yogurt with a spoon and a half of bran oats, low-fat cheese, cold cuts or an egg.

The mid-morning snack, on the other hand, includes low-fat yogurt, low-fat cheese or 2/3 slices of turkey breast with toasted bread, a cup of herbal tea or tea. This snack is very important to break the hunger and to get lunch time already slightly satiated. Lunch can include grilled meat or fish or two eggs, or even turkey roulade rolls with cream cheese, eggs and oat bran.

At lunch we can also indulge in a chocolate dessert, certainly better if low-calorie. Identical snack in the morning also for the afternoon, perhaps adding a seasonal fruit if you do not have particular limitations, and then arrive at the dinner where you can eat meat (at least 150 grams), cold cuts, or fish and shrimp.

The success of this diet is due in part also to the few limitations, in terms of food, a condition that reduces psychophysical stress and helps to complete the diet without errors and without sudden hunger attacks that, if not controlled , risk compromising results. The principle of the protein diet is in fact to reduce the carbohydrates to the maximum in order to dispose of the body fat and increase the lean mass.

The first step to reducing body fat is to reduce sugars and saturated fats, replacing them with whole foods. In the protein diet fruit, vegetables, lean meats, dairy products with reduced fat content, seeds, peanuts and eggs are preferred. At the same time, as one should do basic to maintain a healthy lifestyle, processed foods, industrial processed foods, and junk food, in particular those containing white flour, refined sugar and hydrogenated fats, are preferred and prefer whole foods and protein shakes.

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