MICAVaani throughout the years has aimed to interact with its listeners by indulging in shows which are entertaining, education, interactive and informative for our listeners. The main target audience for MICAVAANI are the women and children in the villages near MICA.

Here are some of the shows of MICAVAANI that were aired over the years:

  1. Bum Bum Bole

The show is targeted towards the kids in the community wherein the RJs narrate to kids various stories by imitating different characters in the stories. The stories generally end with moral lessons. The show aims to engage kids by telling them interesting stories which leaves them with a message. This is one of the most interesting shows on MICAVAANI as it has a lot of traction among the kids in the village.

2) Gaon Ki Galion Se

This show entails going to the village and collecting insights from the village community about various themes. The show then comprises the RJ’s talking about their own experiences along with the views of the community on the same. The show is recorded using recorders and then played in the MICAVAANI studio at the time of the show. This gave the MICAVAANI team a chance to interact with the village community and get to know them better.

3) Aapki Kahani Aapki Zubaani

A very popular program wherein a member of the community is invited to the studio to discuss instances and stories of his life, which might act as an inspiration to the other members of the community. The show aims to involve maximum people from the community to maintain a sustained relationship and have various interesting topics of conversation which can interest the community.

4) Aapno Swasthya

This program creates awareness about health and informs people how to mitigate chances of communicable diseases affecting the society. We also educate them about problems such as malnutrition, common cold, anaemia, personal hygiene and proper sanitation and hygiene practices which are important for healthy living.

5) English Vinglish

The show is a family show, which is all about learning English in a fun way. The RJs indulge in everyday conversation and small stories from their own lives to teach its listeners the basics of English. The show wants to educate the listeners about the basics of English which is important for people to know in this fast-moving world.

Maybe this year, I will come up with my own show that can help and entertain people in its own way! 🙂

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