The Way You Breathe Might Stress You Out More, Not Less

…and could eventually weaken your health

Photo by Eli DeFaria on Unsplash

Yes, we’ve stooped to breathing. We already know it’s a poor choice to eat donuts and smoke, while spooning candy for dinner. We’ve read all we can handle, regarding sleep and exercise. Why not talk about breathing? There’s nothing left, right?

Seriously, the way we breathe has a direct effect on our nervous system.

Breathe one way, you’ve got a natural calming effect. Breathe another — boom! You’ve engaged the body’s internal alarm system. By doing the ol’ Idaho inhale-exhale you might be causing your body undue stress.

If you haven’t, it’s time to examine your breathing.

As writer and creators, we’ve got to keep not only our bodies, but our minds fine-tuned to German precision. We earn from our ideas. If the temple is crumbling, our income will soon follow.

As a western stereotype, we tend to breathe high, from our chests.

This is shallow breathing. We do a lot of the in-out, with not as much of the slow-and-deep.

Easterners tend to be better at belly-breathing. Hence, the way we breathe when we meditate — from the diaphragm, not the chest.

But we need to train ourselves to breathe properly all the time, not just when we’re sitting peacefully. If you’ve spent your life in mindless chest-breathing, there’s a good chance that’s your natural default.

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