Correcting a common misconception about health insurance and when to buy one

A friend recently asked me why I write about “all this health insurance stuff”, with the notion that perhaps I get paid to do so or that I am an insurance salesperson with an angle 😊. I explained that my passion simply lies in helping people understand more about how health insurance works and yes, facilitating access to purchase health insurance from our partners (upon request).

HMO stands for health maintenance organization, a type of managed care health insurance. As the name implies, one of an HMO’s primary goals is to keep its members healthy

A knowledge gap that needs to be filled

There is such a huge knowledge gap especially here in Nigeria. Most people feel cheated when they pay for health insurance and not get to “use it”. Someone once asked me if it was possible to get a refund!

I drive myself around in the very busy city of Lagos, Nigeria. Anyone who has been to Lagos knows that with the unending traffic, the last thing you want is to get pulled over for a routine stop and search only for the law enforcement officer to find out that you do not have the minimum required third party vehicle insurance. Most of us pay at least five thousand Naira (about $13 USD) to get one and it provides cover for one year. In all my years of driving, however, I never get to use it (worse, don’t even know what it covers). I have never asked for a refund or even complained about it to anyone.

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