The John Wayne Gacy Murders Full Ebook By Terry Sullivan

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Who was John Wayne Gacy?The model citizen whose business skills were admired by his peers? The hospital volunteer whose sweet-faced clowning lightened the patients’ days? The member of the Jaycees who was a civic-minded friend of the community? The depraved maniac who sodomized, tortured, and killed thirty-three young men and boys? Shortly before Christmas of 1978, a teenage boy disappeared from the drugstore where he worked. He would be the final victim of John Wayne Gacy’s horrifying compulsion. Then, ten days after the boy’s disappearance. Detectives, finding a human bone in the crawl space of Gacy’s house, dug into the lime-covered ground. With mounting horror, they pulled bone after bone from Gacy’s suburban home until finally they had gathered the remains of twenty-eight more youths who had fallen prey to the killer clown. 16 Pages of Shocking Photos! “An unnerving true story of murder, terror and justice.” ?The Dallas Morning News
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