Juice of Dried Fruits in My Marriage

I don’t see
the dryness of dried fruits
in my marriage.

Never going casual
with our wedding vows,
except when we try to fire a funny couple remark.
Our rose-blood love signatures
on the pact to respect each other’s choices
in sickness and in health.

My wife likes to buy costly nuts
that can boost her brain,
to remember all the important dates since the day we first met.
So, I prove my love every night
by soaking almonds for our next day
and gift her a healthy body and an active mind.

We protect each other like superheroes
and eliminate our insecurities and worries,
with superpowers of tight hugs and passionate kisses.
Often indulging in creative role-plays
where one is a seed, and other is the shell
of a walnut, that’s tough to crack with simple tricks.

We live in a paradise
of celebration and content
crafted carefully with compassion and compromise.
Our souls strive to stay young
by drinking happiness sip from old wines
and slaying sorrows dry by the soft sweetness of round raisins.

We try to save our deeds
and money in a piggy bank
for uninvited rainy days in our life.
Reminding us of our old habits of being patient
while peeling and pocketing peanuts for snacks,
to satiate our hunger at the starving sight of empty pantry space.

We cherish and count our love
as God’s choicest blessings
for our souls housed in two humble hearts.
Our love is pure and sacred
like a puja offering to the neighborhood temple,
served with dry coconuts and white glory of foxnuts and sugar candies.

Now, do you see
the juice of dried fruits
in my married life?
Lubricating our hearts with love-essential oils
and moving us together with minimal friction,
for endless hours in a healthy way.

A healthy lifestyle makes two happy hearts dance in love
That’s my simple secret of being healthily and happily married.

P.S. I Love You 💘

Tapan Avasthi 2019

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