Leaked video footage obtained by Mediaite shows Senator Elizabeth Warren admitting she does not have a step-by-step plan for achieving “Medicare for All.” Warren was speaking to International Longshore and Warehouse Union executive board members.

“So, it’s not that I have a plan that says we’re going to do this part and then we’re going to do this part and then we’re going to do this part,” Warren said.

No, instead my plan is we’re going to get to a table like this. We’re going to make sure that everybody gets represented. We’re going to understand the urgency of the moment to get this solved with people who aren’t covered, and get ourselves on a path where everybody can get there and everybody can get covered at the lowest possible cost. That’s what Medicare for All is all about.

Warren has received flack from political commentators, late-night TV hosts, and her fellow 2020 Democratic candidates for not answering how her “Medicare for All” plan would effect middle-class taxpayers.

Warren’s pre-mediated answers to the middle-class taxpayer question has always appeared fake, but it appeared these pre-composed answers were built to avoid the truth — that a “Medicare for All” plan would increase middle-class taxes.

On Monday, when reporters asked Warren why voters should have confidence in her plan if leading Democratic candidate needs a couple more weeks to tell them how it’s going to get paid, Warren replied, “Well, why don’t you ask me that when the plan is out?”

The real truth? Warren’s pre-mediated answers are not just covering up that she is going to raise middle class taxes, but are also designed to compensate for the fact she doesn’t even have a plan.

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